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Sunday 04 December, 2011 | By Edo

Eat Sleep Race X SNTRL T-Shirt

Over the summer, some of you might have seen this shirt at the various events that Eat Sleep Race set up shop. So what’s up with this shirt anyway? We’ll tell you. For the past year and change, SNTRL has been out on the streets of NYC and beyond. Always out there, SNTRL takes pride in showing the world how real recognize real in the automotive game. On one of those hot nights during the summer of 2011, SNTRL was once again, out there, with the goal of showing the world how things go down in Harlem World. It was a night where some of the best examples in the Honda game gathered for the Vraceworks Harlem meet. Now anyone who knows what’s good will tell you, to most people, tuned Hondas rolling together at night in NYC can only mean one thing, street racing. On this night though, the only plans were to have a chill time of laughs, hang with good people while shoot some mean photos.

For most of the night, the local authorities drove by and had no problem with the meet. After about 3 hours, they decided it was time to end the meet and send us home. Fortunately, at the time, we were in the midst of taking a few epic photos when the NYPD cruiser decided to make a cameo.

SNTRL on the streets

SNTRL captured the moment and shared it with the world. Eventually, this photo would reach the eyes of EAT SLEEP RACE. Being that they are no strangers to the underground car scene in NYC, this photo connected with their ideals and history. We were contacted by ESR, and after a short discussion, the SNTRL X Eat Sleep Race T-Shirt came to be.

2 Beauties

Once the shirts were printed, we contacted a couple of beauties for a quick shoot. First, a coupe that needs no introduction, Rob VRWCM’s Vraceworks Honda Civic. This immaculate example of a properly built Honda was the first car the came to mind when planning the shoot. Then we contacted an old friend, professional model Tifanny Serna. Tifanny has been in the modeling game for quite a while, this was, however, her first shoot involving a car. It seems only fitting that two professionals in their respective games came together for another SNTRL collab with stunning results:

As good as it gets

So there you have it. Some behind the scenes words on the SNTRL X Eat Sleep Race shirt. Now you have a permanent place to send people when they ask, ‘Where’d you get that shirt BRO!?’. By the way, these shirts are limited, so if you didn’t get yours, head over to the Eat Sleep Race store and pick it up before they’re all gone. Get one for yourself, your bro, your girl, or your man. This isn’t about being the best hypebeast on the block, this isn’t about getting the most ‘likes’, this is about real recognizing real, nothing more.

This shirt is available for purchase at the Eat Sleep Race online store, don’t sleep on this one!

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