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With just under 10 days to go until SNTRL x IMPORT EXPO , we will be presenting you with some of the show Features and highlights daily, right here on More than just your average import car show, SNTRL x IMPORT EXPO will be bringing you some fine examples of car life that showcase the most proper builds for the show circuit as well some of the most notable rides in the race circuit.

We are proud to have Eat Sleep Race as one of SNTRL x IMPORT EXPO’s Features. Eat Sleep Race is a gear-head apparel brand that supports racing. Point-blank. Their race car line-up is one that has racked up awards and broke records, year after year. 2013 was no different. For most enthusiast, you may have seen this line-up on youtube or in magazines, but Eat Sleep Race is packing serious heat for the show, bringing some of the fastest All-Motor and Sport-Front-Wheel-Drive race cars to a different venue then they are used to being at. Taking a well-deserved break from the 1320 for a relaxing weekend in Atlantic City. Here’s a run down of what you can expect to see live on Saturday, September 14.

 –  Tim Grey Racing’s 10.100 @ 134.02 mph All-Motor Honda Civic 
 –  Jake Gavio’s 10.003 @135.59 mph TGR All-Motor Honda Civic coupe
 –  Dynamic Performance’s Blackworks Racing 1000 horsepower Honda Civic that has just recently run a best of [email protected] mph
 –  PremeKOS’ 900 wheel horsepower Honda Civic coupe – 9.6@163
 –  La Carla Racing’s famous 8-second Honda Civic hatch

Overcome your fears, come eye-to-eye with real monsters and while you are at it, pick up the latest apparel from the good people at Eat Sleep Race in their Feature section and booth. Experience their presence at SNTRL x IMPORT EXPO.

More than just a pretty face. La Carla Racing puts down 8-second passes all day.

Gang Green. TGR Racing‘s Tim Grey hatch and Jake Gavio coupe. All-Motor Kings.

Yep, they will be all dressed up for Atlantic City as well.

Preme’s 900 wheel horsepower Civic is a mean-lean beautiful machine. KOS. Nuff’ said.

1000 horsepower is sexy. So is the fact that Dynamic Performance‘s EK hatch puts that power down with 8 second passes.

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SNTRL X ImportExpo Official Video
SNTRL X ImportExpo Official Video


Import Expo X SNTRL
Import Expo X SNTRL

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