RAVSPEC at WEKEAST Part 2: The Set Up!

Thursday 28 August, 2014 | By Edo


I’ll take that wheel, and that wheel, oh and that wheel. Your JDM wheel fantasy starts now! Welcome to Part 2, Ravspec at WEKEAST: The set up. As a spectator, when arriving to a show, many almost take for granted the amount of work that goes into setting up a proper vendor display. Walking through the gates of Wekfest, people are welcomed with the first sight of beautiful machinery and a slew of vendors ready to greet their potential customers. Being a vendor at an event is no easy task. You’ve got to make sure your displays are eye catching, your booth cars are dope, your staff is organized, the list goes on. The goal is for your brand, merchandise and presence to leave a lasting impression on both the event organizers and the spectators. The process of setting up a booth starts days/weeks before the event itself. Prior to the epic drive that we covered in Part 1, the wheels at Ravspec were already set in motion (Pun intended!). Lets take a look at some behind the scenes shots on how they prepared for WEKEAST.


REWIND! Boxes and boxes of wheels ready to get packed up. Also had to bring a few from the wall of wheels at Ravspec HQ. Packing is half the fun!







What on earth are these things? At first glance I had no idea. Some sort of vintage architecture play set? Not exactly. These are actually the pieces that build up the frame display around the main cars. Just doing practice set up. It’ll look good, trust me.




Fast forward back to Sunday morning. The “Swagon” rolling in Wekfest. I’m a vanning culture fan-boy, so I love this thing! Skipper lip looking awesome.


The set up. It’s all starting to come together. The frame piece you saw earlier fits in quite well. Doubles as a Nobori flag mount, which is a definite plus!


Now we’re talking! It’s always a treat to be able to get an up close and personal look at a myriad of JDM Wheels. That’s one of the great things about going to a show like WEKFEST. You can get inspired for your own build and check out some of the parts and wheels you may have in mind. I’d take those TE37-SL’s personally, wink wink…



The wall of Work Wheels makes an appearance! See anything you like? Lets take a closer look at some of these through the eyes of Pravan and Jeffrey Liu.


















Enter the JDM lounge area and have a seat, or 3! Here’s where we’ll find Rays and Advan wheels along with holding monsters from BRIDE. Best place to chill out for a bit and look through a few catalogs for more goodies. TE37 coffee table? Sure, why the heck not?








The Ravpsec ladies looking lovely. Always brighten up any room, even one as massive as this convention center. Taking a snap with an awesome FRS owned be an extended member of the crew who made the drive all the from Florida!


Mark Chin, the founder of GTSPEC and RAVSPEC.




Lets check out the Weds Wheels part of the display. Which one is fits your style? Time for some close ups!





Love this display, but it feels like something is missing…


There we go!




Overhead shot of the entire crew. Some are even cut off. Way too many to count!


That GS…love it!



Ending this 2 part series on Ravspec with the same car we opened up with in Part 1, the WDUltimate BRZ. Joined by our friends you met earlier, Erica and Christine. It was a pleasure embarking on this weekend journey with the entire RAVPSEC crew from start to end. Congrats on winning the best vendor award! Hope you enjoyed our special insight on what it’s like to be one of the main vendors/crews at a top show like WEKFEST!


Until next time. Special thanks to Mark, Calvin, Kenny, Winnie (for the stickers!), Jeff and Pravan.


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