First Class Fitment 2014 Part 1

Friday 24 October, 2014 | By Edo


October can mean only on thing to the East coast car community, an event that of course needs no introduction. For us automotive enthusiasts, it marks the unofficial end of the car show/event season. After months of road trips, weekend car shows, track days and endless amounts of meets, this event is the perfect way to place an exclamation point on the good times that were had this year. For us here at SNTRL, we always look forward to First Class Fitment. We’ve been participating in this event since day one and are proud to still be a part of it. The vibe is like no other. Good friends, awesome location and the stars of the show, the cars. FCF2014 was a show about variety. It seems the days of having the craziest fitment or camber have taken a back seat in favor of complete clean builds, which I definitely prefer. Case in point, this year, SNTRL’s booth cars were 3 cars that were all about performance, style and fun. We had not one, but two immaculate RE-Amemiya FD’s (Thank you Ted and Andy!). One of which made it’s car show debut. We also had yet another debut in store. Darren’s SNTRL Itasha S14 is definitely not unfamiliar to the local scene nor the world of hashtags. After a season of shows and appearances in all sorts of media, it was time to unveil version 2! The new Superdoof aero kit by the good dudes at Get Nuts Lab looks awesome. Also new is the “Rail Wars” Itasha livery. Darren loves his sexy 2D gals, haha. I had a blast putting the design together. Japanese drift, time attack and Itasha style was the goal, I am excited that people are loving the look. Thanks for the kind words! ( ^_^)/

First Class Fitment is a media powerhouse. We were out in full force with many of the recognizable faces in the automotive media scene. It’s always amazing to see everyone’s perspective on this culture. For SNTRL, we have a few posts in store. First we have a few coverage posts followed by a very special piece featuring an icon of Japanese car culture. Here’s part 1 of SNTRL’s FCF2014 coverage, enjoy!



Ted and Andy’s beautiful FD’s! “Straight out Japan” was what everyone said when they checked these out. I totally agree! Shout out to Regiment Zero!





Chris always knows how to make an entrance to FCF! I personally love the new look.



White party inside of the main hangar. Couple of the EMOTION crew cars right up front. Love that LB kit on BMW’s. Let’s check out a couple more BMW’s…






Love this S2000!




POWER is the goal. Kevin’s EVO is a bad ass machine!








Joe’s awesome LS. I love this car. FCF was also debut of his latest addition,  the dancing tails!







Sup Andy!




Setting up. Park like this please! Dru off to the left constantly flexing…






As the day went on, the weather got better and the temperatures rose a bit. Here’s superstar Dru rocking our newest limited SNTRL donut tee. Why donut? Because Cops love us. You know the deal, haha. These will be up for purchase soon!




Mr. HALCYON going in. Once headphones are on, do not disturb. Work mode!




This is how you make a damn entrance. Roll through with a legendary machine. When this car showed up, crowds formed behind it. People chasing it down as if it were going to leave immediately. Definitely amazing to see THE Signal Skyline roll through to First Class Fitment right next to our booth! Big thanks to Willy at Nostalgic Grains for inviting the latest owner of this badass machine!




True Driving boss, Dale rocking a new sample he has in the works.


Love to see Mike Orem’s Bb. We featured this build a couple years ago. Glad to see it still around and looking as good as ever.




Giant Rotiforms on this Panamera!



SNTRL hoodies anyone? Hehe…


Here’s the man himself, Willy and his new Nostalgic Grains product line. Always a crowd favorite. Can’t wait have one in my car. Check him out at



SNTRL wooden decal spotted! One of my favorite products we put together over the summer. Ultra limited quantities and made out of real wood. As seen in a certain Datsun…


Willy also debuted his new trailer attachment for his world famous “OLD JDM” Datsun. Just the right amount of space to haul all of the Nostalgic Grains goodies. CF Fenders and cover to match. Attention to detail!



I love my SNTRL drip shirt! I think I wear this to every car event, haha. Thanks for the epic model shot Prav!


This wraps up part 1. So much fun had on this day. More to come. Stay tuned for part 2 coming up!

Words by: Edo
Photos by: Edo, Dream Movement Photography and P R A V A N Photography

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