Canibeat: First Class Fitment

Friday 28 October, 2011 | By Ken


After last year’s Inaugural Canibeat show, we knew that this year’s First Class Fitment would without a doubt, be incredible. With a strict selection process, a great venue and an emphasis on “Proper” for all things FCF. We expected no less. Pulling up to Princeton Airport, we were greeted by the Canibeat Staff much like last year with the same informative, friendly smiles. The Canibeat staff was everywhere doing their thing!



Walking through the first section of the show area on a bright, sunny October Saturday gave us flashbacks of 2010. As we continued our way through the show, we were pleasantly impressed with a larger show area that included more eye-candy and festivities for fans to enjoy. More rides to fap over, R/C drift track with the R/C drift crew, Toxic Drift NJ holding it down and at the end of the day, some great photo-ops that had people taking out their iphones, androids, point-and-shoots and DSLR’s to get pics of some of the awesome rides posing in the Princeton sunset.


The famous, 4UDrew S15 show-stopper.

Liberty VIP rolled deep, and rep’d hard all day. At one point during the show, they even provided tunes from one of their member’s ride when the show DJ took a short break.



On the topic of VIP, Team NSU shut it down with this VIP Odyssey.



“UNLIKE” this EVO? I think not!


VRACEWORKS NYC and Serious Innovations in the building!




D2Forged Wheels and TheD2Life was all over place with their Aston Martin, Lexus GS and IS-F just to name a few. They brought exotic firepower and took home the Best Wheel Award!




Old school American muscle made it presence known with this super-mint vintage Corvette.


On the topic of “super-mint”, this mk2 GTi beauty was another vehicle that only gets sweeter with age.


First Class Fitment’s R/C Drift track with Toxic Drift NJ crew holding it down, was awesome fun for the older and young alike. We are big fans and enthusiast of the R/C drift-life and it was refreshing to see the drift track incorporated into this years show.

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Miro’s S2000 knows how to make its presence known! We are loving those SSR’s.



And towards the end of the show, the sun gave way to a beautiful sunset that provided some great photo-opportunities for multiple cars at the show. Here are a few shots we took taking advantage of nice dusk backdrop at First Class Fitment 2011 – Princeton Airport. Sundown + First Class Fitment make for some incredible photos, don’t take my word for it, see for yourself!



Func-tionDesigns Productions brings First Class Fitment 2011 to you through video:

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Shot by Norman MidenceChris MallariKenny Bascon

Oh one more thing, SNTRL was a proud sponsor of First Class Fitment 2011! See you next year!


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