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Thursday 24 October, 2013

Slammed Society Japan – Part 3

Slammed Society Japan 2013 – Part 3 – Full Show Coverage It was awesome following the adventures of LEVEL ONE and Bank Aie-Ki as they made their way to Fuji Speedway as showcased in Slammed Society Japan – Part 1. The second post, Slammed Society Japan – Part 2 continued with the excitement and anticipation as everyone waited…

Saturday 19 October, 2013

Slammed Society Japan – Part 1

Slammed Society Japan – Part 1 As car culture enthusiasts, the anxious excitement that one will experience the night before a major show/tuner/race event can be euphoric. Lack of sleep is common, as the anticipation grows and the preparation continues throughout the night. No matter where you are in the world, if you live car…

Friday 19 July, 2013


WOW! Awesome! Yea, that about sums up what I thought to myself when I saw these photos. Following up our Dekotora Style post, Ryo Kaneta is back with something even more unique from Japan. “Big Scooter” or “Space Invaders”. The first thing that might pop in your head when you read “Space Invaders” might be the…

Saturday 15 June, 2013

auto fashion imp SUPERCARNIVAL

Looks like this was a pretty dope show out in Osaka, Japan. Love the edit and song selection. Couple of jaw dropping cars in this like Ichiraku Toshiya’s RWB930 and a Gumpert Apollo. Japan, I’ll see you again soon!

Wednesday 05 June, 2013

Dekotora Style!

Ladies and gentlemen, there is a Dekotora on SNTRL. In the last few years we’ve been working to bring you car life through our eyes, I would have never thought we would feature one of these amazing machines! Being into the car scene, and the way the internet has made this world even smaller, it’s…

Wednesday 24 April, 2013


After a mild economic slump in the mid 1980’s, Japan’s economy started to boom after 1986, beginning a period of a strong growth. For the people of Japan, the benefit was enjoying a higher standard of living. Now we aren’t here to discuss economics, but it does give some background to the history of the…