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After a mild economic slump in the mid 1980’s, Japan’s economy started to boom after 1986, beginning a period of a strong growth. For the people of Japan, the benefit was enjoying a higher standard of living. Now we aren’t here to discuss economics, but it does give some background to the history of the Y31 Nissan Cima, a vehicle that is one of the most popular VIP models ever. Starting in 1988, the Y31 Cima hit the streets of Japan for the first time, and as a luxo-full-size vehicle, it’s popularity was incredible, with over 36,400 Cimas sold that year. Although a very, very expensive vehicle, a lot of people loved expensive things, and the Cima was one of them.

Offered with both a naturally aspirated 3.0 liter V6 (VG30DE) pushing 200hp, as well as a Turbo 3.0 liter V6 (VG30DET) pumping out 255hp, the Y31 Cima was the standard, clearly ahead of it’s time. We are talking about a vehicle that came with factory air suspension in a luxury sedan, 25 years ago. The Y31’s sales numbers only tell a portion of the story. The Y31’s popularity created a Japanese movement famously known as the “CIMA Phenomenon.”

Japanese car enthusiasts are well-known for being some of the most dedicated in the world, to car life. The owner of this Y31 Cima is certainly no exception. Teruhito Arakawa, known also by his nickname, “The God of Cima,” is one of the most well-known figures in VIP car culture, having published a book about Cima life, titled after his nickname. His father had originally ordered the 1989 Cima, but never had the opportunity to ride in the Cima because his father had passed away before the vehicle was ready for delivery (In Japan, it is common to wait to get a new car after ordering it). So, the Cima holds a very strong sentimental value, in memory of his father, and Teruhito made the decision long ago, to ride with his Cima until the grave.

Maintaining his VIP Cima has been no easy task, but it’s a part of life for Teruhito. The Cima, at 24 years of age, is an old car now, so he has two more Cimas, acting as “stock-parts” cars since Nissan no longer has genuine parts. The body parts and panels also become an issue due to rust over the years, so Teruhito has had to have body parts made by carbon. In this day and age where we all depend on our mobile phones and in many cases, navigation, the factory Cima glass would not be compatible due to being heat reflective glass. Yep, another one of those “ahead-of-its-time”, standard setting options that Nissan included on the Cima back in the late 80’s. Teruhito, not one to give up easily, tackled this obstacle by making glass for his Cima, with glass material more expensive than what you would find in a 2013 Lexus LS.  He doesn’t like “cheap and old,” and the proof is in the photos you see before you.

“Dressed to the nines” in Junction Produce, from the engine bay, to the exterior, to the exhaust, right down to the wheels, Teruhito spares no expense. He is also very particular about the interior. Take a close look inside, and you are looking at genuine calf leather. 11 calfs, to be exact, were needed for the whole interior. I’m sorry calfs… Teruhito shaved the rear seat to ensure more space, and also made a comfortable center console in the middle of the rear seat. The top of the console is a drink cooler/warmer. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this is a true rendition of a Very Important Person aka V.I.P. Teruhito doesn’t sit in the rear seat. Behind the drivers seat is where you will always find him. Teruhito’s belief is that VIP cars are for the street!

Maybe I should talk more about Teruhito’s Cima life, a life of a real Japanese VIP way, but words can only say so much. It’s “The God of Cima’s” life, and if you want to know all that you can, all you have to do is enjoy the photos because the story is in this Y31 Cima.

Be sure to also pick up Volume 2 of  US VIP Magazine which hits the stands on April 27th, 2013. Teruhito’s Cima is featured in there, with exclusive photos for US VIP, not to mention a whole bunch of other incredible Bippu rides, featuring the next culture of sedan. Check it!!

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Words by guest writer, Ryo Kaneta and Kenny Bascon

Photography:  Ryo Kaneta of USDM Freax Magazine and US VIP Magazine

Junction Produce OZ Scara wheels in 18×9.5 up front and 18×10 in the back.

Incredible attention to detail is evident throughout Teruhito’s Cima.

Inside and out, Teruhito holds no punches.

Teruhito Arakawa’s book, “The man is called God of Cima.” True story of a man, his life, his passion.

Junction Produce ALL DAY, EVERYDAY.

On the topic of Junction Produce, check out the new FUSA. Everyone understand FUSA is made up of two tassels. But the new one uses only one tassel, as you can see with the white FUSA posted below. The meaning is “The man have to love one thing forever ”. “The man never change his spirits”. This is one of the Japanese spirits that dates back to the days of the Samurai.

24 years old, and still as beautiful as ever.

1989 NISSAN CIMA | Owner:Teruhito Arakawa

ENGINE  –  Junction Produce grounding|Apex air cleaner|Iridium spark plug | Cusco tower bar|Optima battery

EXHAUST  –  Junction Produce type 3 exhaust

EXTERIOR  –  Junction Produce carbon front bumper spoiler(Original customized)  |  carbon side steps(Original customized  |  carbon rear bumper spoiler(Original customized)  |  billet front grille(special order)  |  carbon door panels  |  carbon front fenders  |   carbon rear spoiler  |  carbon engine hood spoiler  |   carbon roof spoiler  |   carbon license flame base  |  Cool verre front window(special order)

INTERIOR  –  Small cow leather seat | Mouton mat | Alpines audio 5.1ch | Fridge

SUSPENSION  –  Grace air suspension

BRAKES  –  Nissan Fairlady Z swapped

WHEELS  –  Junction Produce OZ scara 9.5J 18inch[F]| Junction Produce OZ scara 10.0J 18inch[R]

TIRES  –  Goodyear LS2000 225/40R18[F] | Goodyear LS2000 245/40R18[R]

PAINT  –  Arakawa special maziora color(Color name : grace maziora)




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