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Saturday 08 September, 2012

Superman Spotted?

While out cruising the streets of the Boogie Down Bronx last night, we just happend to come across a pack of bikes cruising. Nothing out of the ordinary right? As we moved closer, one guy in the middle lane caught our eye. A few things seemed “out-of-the-ordinary”, but the most obvious that stuck out was…….

Thursday 09 August, 2012

Honda Day Englishtown’s 10 Year Anniversary

This weekend marks 10 years that Honda Day E-town has been going down! Can you believe it? We can. This is one of the premier events on the East Coast, and for good reason. Where else can you find a car show, multiple classes of drag racing, all types of vendors, eye candy (You know…

Tony Stark's NSX
Tuesday 17 April, 2012

Tony Stark’s New NSX is an old NSX

So here’s an interesting bit of news, just as the title reads, Tony Stark’s new NSX is in fact, an old NSX. You remember those photos, the ones that were going through street car blogs like wildfire, Tony Stark and the brand new NSX. I recall seeing those shots and thinking, “Wow, so that’s the…

Wednesday 01 February, 2012

Built Not Bought

You have likely heard the saying before, “Built Not Bought”, and it has become so common in recent times on the internet and with stickers on cars that it has pretty much become cliche to use. Sadly enough, the over-use is not due to all the high number of quality builds that you may find…

Saturday 30 July, 2011


Another flawless Honda from Japan. One thing I noticed about Honda owners, I’ve never met anyone who is as passionate as they are. I’m not a Honda person myself, but even I love them for some reason. I don’t know what it is about Hondas, but when you see a clean example of one, you…

Tuesday 19 July, 2011


Japan. In my opinion, the automotive scene in that country is 2nd to none. There is a subculture for every spectrum of 4 (or more) wheeled vehicle. It’s not just the fact that the subcultures exist, but the amount of dedication and passion possessed by those live in them. To prove my point, I just…