Honda Day Englishtown’s 10 Year Anniversary

Thursday 09 August, 2012 | By SNTRL

This weekend marks 10 years that Honda Day E-town has been going down! Can you believe it? We can. This is one of the premier events on the East Coast, and for good reason. Where else can you find a car show, multiple classes of drag racing, all types of vendors, eye candy (You know what we’re talking about) and have the opportunity to win the Project Honda Day DC2? It’s all going down on August 11th – 12th at Englishtown, NJ!  Speaking of the Project Honda Day DC2, below are some preview shots of the actual car as it was being assembled as you saw in the sick video above by Engine Media. Check this, it’s a 1996 DC2 Acura Integra with a JDM ITR front, hatch and side skirts. Oh and did we forget to mention a complete 98 JDM ITR swap? Yea, that too. This beauty can very well be sitting in your driveway on Sunday night. There’s only one way to win…see you at E-Town!

Check out Engine Media’s Honda Day Englishtown 10 year Anniversary Giveaway video preview!

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Eat Sleep Race 10 Year Anniversary BBQ
Eat Sleep Race 10 Year Anniversary BBQ

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