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Freshest Kidz II
Thursday 19 April, 2012


Friday night, Brooklyn, NYC. That sentence alone can lead to countless ideas of what might be going down. A race? Art show? DJ Battle? Skate sesh? You name it, it probably happened, and if not, it will. Whatever the case may be, you will be sure to find people throwing it down for what they…

Friday 13 April, 2012

global street art

Thursday 29 September, 2011

123Klan X Ecko Ultd: The Exhibit

The crew the needs no introduction, 123Klan back at it. 123Klan X Ecko Ultd at the Under Pressure street culture event. Here we see Scien and Klor (and family) putting their incredible talent to work. Over 2 days, they put these pieces together. “Mr Boom” and “Klor” instantly transform another mundane delivery truck into a…

Tuesday 07 December, 2010


123KLAN have been on top of their game as of late. Sick collabs with other artists, new site design, awesome BANDITI$M products and more. As you know, we’re big supporters of anything and everything 123KLAN. The flow is just so proper. Here’s their latest cut with SCIEN & KLOR, ISHAM, and ZEK. Follow 123KLAN on…

Monday 08 November, 2010

The Underbelly Project

If you’re from NYC or have ever lived here, I’m sure you’ve wondered or heard about some old abandoned train station at one point or another. Rumors about underground cities are nothing new. Recently though, there have been more and more talks about this Underbelly Project. A mysterious 100 year old underground location in NYC…

Saturday 06 November, 2010

Ironlak Team Australia + COPE2

One thing I love about the BX, you can always find the sickest Graffiti done by artists from all over the world. This past summer, the Ironlak crew hit up the boogie down and linked up with the true Bronx legend, Cope2. Just by saying that, you already know some official shit is about to…