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Saturday 05 October, 2013

No Mercy

More than a decade after it hit the streets, the popularity and appeal of the EM1 Honda Civic is still going strong. Much like when the 1999/2000 Honda Civic Si was introduced to the world, the fan-following and enthusiast-loyalty is note worthy. It’s a testament to the strength of Honda nation. Old and young enthusiast…

Saturday 03 August, 2013


Our third and final installment of the Tuner-Evolution series is a build that is all about dedication. In the car scene, no matter where the car is from, there is always a story behind the build. Often times you’ll find, the better the build, the deeper the story. The passion of building a car is…

Friday 11 May, 2012

Redbull Gives You Wings

Ever go for a drive when you wanted to just release some stress, or take that lunch-time drive to get an energy boost for the rest of the day? You may or may not be able to understand and relate to that feeling, but for those that do have the opportunity to grab the keys,…

Thursday 10 May, 2012

Tools of the Trade

Precision Billet 6262 Ball-bearing turbo. SNTRL Fam: Al Norris Stay tuned for the full Feature of this EM1 Civic Si.