Redbull Gives You Wings

Friday 11 May, 2012 | By SNTRL

Ever go for a drive when you wanted to just release some stress, or take that lunch-time drive to get an energy boost for the rest of the day? You may or may not be able to understand and relate to that feeling, but for those that do have the opportunity to grab the keys, turn the ignition, and hit the gas to get that quicker-picker-upper of energy, this particular Feature is for you. At first glance, you will likely admire the clean, bright lines of this particular Civic Si. The stance is perfect, the exterior lines and modifications are so easy on the eyes, and the interior makes you want to just get behind the wheel and drive. But there is more to this build than just simply, “form”.

Dominick picked up his red 2000 EM1 Si 4 years ago with the intent of building something special. For those that may remember back to the days of when the EM1 (1999-2000 Honda Civic coupe) first started hitting the streets, Milano Red was the most rare color for the Si, a limited production vehicle in-and-of-itself. The legendary sound of that factory B16 with a couple of basic mods like the AEM Cold Air Intake, a DC 4-1 or 4-2-1 header and a catback, was sex to the soul.

That was then. Fast forward to the present.

Like many, Dominick had plans and dreams for what he wanted to do. Unlike most, Dom took the steps necessary to follow his plan of action and execute. The result? Redbull in Honda form. A build that can turn heads with its clean lines and good looks, but the heart of this build is centered around what lies under the hood.  500 horses run wild as the Precision Billet 6262 ball-bearing turbo hits full boost on the street. There was a time when getting 180whp out a mildly built B16A2 was a beautiful thing. My, how times have changed. Power on demand, getting that boost of energy is not a problem.

B16b Type R Head Built | Supertech Valve-spring & Retainers | Ferrera Valves | Skunk2 Pro series stage 3 cams | Buddy Club Cam Gears | B18c1 Bottom end | 10:0 Flat Top JE pistons | Big Bolt Eagle Rods | Edelbrock Intake Manifold | Precision Billet 6262 Ballbearing | Custom-made downpipe |Built and Tuned by Darren Barone AKA Bar*One Tuning

CCW 16×8 – 0 o.s / 16×9 rear –   25+ o.s, 3 inch lip | 205-40-16 Kuhmo tires

Bride LowMax seats reclinable | Ep3 Rear seats | Red suede headliner and pillars | Red Type R Carpet | Civic Type R Cluster | NRG quick release streering wheel | NRG 4 point harness

Seibon carbon fiber hood | Seibon carbon fiber spoon style front lip | Seibon carbon fiber rear lip | Seibon carbon fiber M3 trunk lip | Brand new 2000 Si Headlights

36mm Type R 5 Lug Conversion | Omni Drag CoiloversFunction 7 Lower Control Arms | ASR Bar | Beaks Bar | Skunk 2 Traction Bars | Skunk 2 Sway Bars

Function, Form and clean-lines. A perfect example of a proper build for the streets. Props to Dominick on doing it right!

Photo Credit: Al Norris

Words By: Al Norris and Kenny Bascon

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