The Subie Gang

Tuesday 14 May, 2013 | By Ken

The Subie Gang. A team of street-terrorizing Subaru WRX STi’s. They are guilty of stolen hearts, wasteful time spent salivating over their photos, and for some of the more severe cases, brain-washing (inspiring lol) unfortunate souls into opening up their wallets and giving up money to parts vendors. These guys are wanted across the globe and the fans can’t ever seem to get enough. It’s not often that we do group Features with 3 or more cars, mainly because we are more likely to come across individuals and their respective builds than a large group that is just so proper and complete for what they represent. When we think of the most inspirational and top teams out there, there are a few names that quickly come to mind. The Subie Gang, although one of the newer teams to the scene, definitely deserves their own spotlight considering their impact and virality.

And then there was four. Meet Rick “Boostelo” Gonzalez, Mike “Xwingftr STi”, Ian Galvez, Denis “Supa STi” and their respective rides. Representing New York and New Jersey, these STi’s conquer some of the most challenging roadways in the world, daily. And we aren’t talking about just potholes and wavy asphalt. Treacherous city traffic, curvy mountain roads and highways run by horsepower craze vehicles are included. True street cars, don’t be surprised to see them rolling deep on the highways and byways of the East Coast.

A good mix of static and air, power and looks, you will find all kinds of flavor here.

We met up with the Subie Gang, on one fine Saturday morning, and after some hardcore coffee, bagels and cream cheese, went right to work capturing them on their home turf. Yep, that’s the new World Trade Center aka Freedom Tower along with the beautiful NYC skyline in the landscape. Our day consisted of chasing the sunlight, and closing off streets, but thankfully, we avoided any unwanted attention from those that would be looking to mess with the Subie Gang.

Photography by:    Herb Allen aka The Fourth Photography  and  P R A V A N Photography.

Ian Galvez, photographer and die-hard Suby enthusiast who, before this season, was rolling nearly as low, static, as you see him “aired” out in the photo above, has put his STi under several make-over transformations. Some may have remembered his STi before the green vinyl wrap. There was numerous photos of his white STi rocking those Tiffany Green Work XD9’s. And then he decided to go “moar low” and change his wheel setup with the CCW LM20’s before doing this latest version, utilizing an air setup. Like all proper builds, it’s always a work in progress, but you have to appreciate the work Ian continues to put into his ride.

That rear diffuser and splitter is a true custom piece made by Ian and his father. It’s the subtle touches that make Ian’s STi a stand-out.

Copper/Bronze flaked Brembos and white CCW LM20’s work nicely together.

Mike and his STi aka Xwingftr, are the latest addition to the Subie Gang. As you can see, it’s pretty loud and we aren’t just talking about the exhaust note. The build is a two-part project for Mike’s STi and he has definitely moved in the right direction on both accounts. The first is the promotion of Breast Cancer Awareness. Having appeared on Anderson Cooper Live with his Suby, and a well-known fixture throughout the Northeast, Mike has made it a goal to spread knowledge and awareness. The second is to build an awesome ride that fits his personality. The only member of the Subie Gang that is static, he has focused more on the performance aspect. Fitted with BC BR coilovers, full GTSpec suspension goodies and tuned to get the most out of his stock turbo setup, Mike is a boost-aholic that loves to drive. Built for E85, but still awaiting the E85 tune at the time of this writing, the Xwingftr has a thorough build by IAG Performance with a base tune pushing out 292.5whp with 332.06 on 93 pump.

If you haven’t seen Denis Supa’s STi, then you probably aren’t on facebook, and you likely don’t use any social media platform. You talk about viral, and this STi fits the description, between the features on various blogs including right here on SNTRL, as well as all the meme’s that have been shared using photos of this STi. Denis is an admitted wheel whore. He swaps wheels because he’s bored. And not just any kind of wheels. Only the best for this guy. This time around, he’s rocking the Work Kiwami’s on a new for 2013 air setup. Also previously static, Denis decided to add some flexibility and extremeness to his setup by going air. He is also a well-known fixture throughout the Northeast as a low-life that is always on the streets, so going air this time around makes complete sense.

Rick Gonzalez and his “Boostelo Racing” STi are no stranger to the web pages of SNTRL. One of the first Features on our site, his STi, also known as “Porn Star” for all the attention and love she gets. She has also graced the pages of several magazines including Super Street. Having gone through several make-overs, each time he has taken her off the streets, she has debuted with a whole host of incredible work. She still packs a mean punch with her GT3582r setup, pushing 451whp/401wtq, but now featuring an air suspension setup, and those Work S1R’s, among other subtle modifications, Rick continues to push the envelope with his goal for an all-around perfect build that looks the look and walks the walk.

Rick “Boostelo” Gonzalez – Suspension, Wheel & Brakes

Air Bags over Cusco coilovers | Autopilot controller |  Cusco E-Con Controller | Cusco 20mm Sway Bars | Cusco Rear Power Bar |Cusco H Bracket | GTspec Front Strut Bars | Brembo Calipers F/R (Powder Coated White) | GTspec camber controller arms | GTspec Toe arms | GTspec Camber Bolts | Endless Brake Pads F/R | Works S1R 18×10.5 20 offset | Bronze Anodized Barrel w/ Matte Bronze Face | Federal 595 Tires 225-35-18’s | DBA Front Rotors.

Xwingftr STi – Suspension and Wheels and Tires:

BC/BR Coilovers | Whiteline 22mm Sway Bars Front and Rear | GTSpec Trailing arms | GTSpec Adjustable Rear Control Arms | GTSpec Sway Bar Bracing | GTSpec Bump/Steer | GTSpec Toe Arms | Cusco Front and Rear Strut Bracing Custom Powder PINK | Work Meisters S1 18×10 -18 | Custom Painted Ferrari Crinkle Red barrels, Face Ghost Chrome | Nitto Invo 235/40/18

Denis Supa – Wheels and Suspension

Airlift strut with v2 management | GtSpec rear toe arm and gtspec rear camber arm| Eibach front camber bolts | Cusco rear lateral link | Whiteline rear toe arm | 18×10.5 – Work Kiwami | Hankook v12 265/35/18

Ian Galvez STi – Wheels, Suspension and Brakes

Airlift Performance Struts | 5 gallon aluminum tank | Whiteline 22mm Front Sway bar | Whiteline 22mm Rear Sway bar | Whiteline Rear Support Brace | Whiteline Rear Toe Arms | GTSpec Rear Control Arms | Ichiba Extended Studs | GTSpec Front Camber Bolts | Hawk Performance Ceramic Brake Pads | CCW LM20 18×11 +28 18×10.5 +22 | Kumho Ectasy 245/35/18 | Bronze/Copper Silver Flaked Brembos

Rick “Boostelo” Gonzalez – Exterior

Exterior Mods 2011 STI Front End Conversion | Gtspec CF front spoiler | Bottom Line Type1 side and rear spoilers | Chargespeed Eyelids | Varis CF Pillar Garnish | OEM Modded Front Grill | JDM Side Badge | Seibon Wind w/Custom Wing Finisher | Seibon CF Hood |  Password Rear Wiper Delete Cap | Custom Rear Reflectors (LED) | Perrin Shorty Antenna | JDM Vent visors | Blacked Out head lights w/led halos | Spec-c roof vent | Custom Front Splitter | Grimmspeed Plate relocator | Perrin Plate Delete

Denis Supa STi – Exterior

Blacktop aero cf lip | Blacktop aero cf side skirt | R205 Jdm side badges | Led 2 colors changing turn signal | Grimspeed license plate relocation | Tailight overlay | Led license plate | Jdm rear third brake light/foglight | Blackout Headlight by Lightmodz

Xwingftr STi – Exterior

Seibon CF Hood | Seibon CF Trunk Lid | Seibon CF Fender | Carbon by Design: Time Attack Wing | NRG 10mm (red) Fender Washer Kit | NRG (red) Racing Lugs | Killer B Motorsports Radiator Shroud (red) | Killer B Motorsports Alt. Shroud (red)

 Ian Galvez STi – Exterior

Blacktop Aero VR CF front lip | BlackTop Aero CF Side Skirts | BlackTop Aero CF Rear Skirts | Custom front splitter | Custom rear diffuser | Custom license plate re-locater | Perrin Wing Risers | Blacked out stock housing Headlights | Blacked out side markers | Blacked out rear reflectors | White Hella SuperTones | Painted Red TailLights | JDM Rain Visors | Carbign Craft CF License Plate Frame

Rick “Boostelo” STi – Engine

Garret GT 3582r Turbo (451hp/401tq) | Perrin Intercooler pipes (Powder Coated White) | Perrin intercooler | Perrin Up-Pipe & Down-Pipe | Deatschwerks 1000cc Injectors | Custom Turbo XS Fuel Rails | AEM Fuel Regulator |  AEM Water/Meth Injection | Tial Wastegate & BOV 44mm | TGV Deleted | Clutchmaster Custom Race Clutch | Walbro 255 Fuel Pump | Omni 4bar Map Sensor

Supa STi – Engine

Cobb accessport | Invidia catless downpipe | Invidia N1 race catback titanium tip | GTSpec aluminum under tray | GTSpec aluminum radiator shroud

Xwingftr STi – Engine

IAG Performance Build | Perrin CAI (red) | Manley H-Beam Rods – ARP 2000 Studs | Manley Pistons Platinum Series | ACL racing bearings | ARP Head Studs | Pro-Sport UEL Header | IAG Up-pipe SS external wastegate kit | Tial 38mm Wastegate | Invidia Cat-less Downpipe | EZR Racing TI Quad Tip Cat-back exhaust | Kartboy Exhaust Hangers | IAG Catch can | IAG TGV Deletes | IAG Block-off Plates | Air Pump delete | Killer B oil-pickup and Baffle Windage tray | Aeromotive Fuel pump 340lph | Injector Dynamics 1000cc injectors | NGK Cold one-step plugs | E85 set-up | HKS Turbo timer | GrimmSpeed 3 port boost solenoid | Cobb V2 AP | Tuning By Jorge Carrillo  @ IAG Performance

Ian Galvez STi – Engine

Cobb SF Intake | Invidia Street N1 Single | Invidia Catless Downpipe | Cobb Accessport

Mike CoffeeLab’s STi

Sparco 4pt Red Harnesses | SPT Short Shifter | Cobb Shift Knob (red) | Lathewerks 9” 2 bend extended shifter

Gabriel Sports Car CF Hydro Dip All Interior Smooth Panels (IN PROGRESS) – Dash panels w/ AC Controls  | Door handle inset Front and Rear | Arm rest on door Front and Rear | Front Wiper cowling  color matched

Rick “Boostelo” Gonzalez STi

Bride Euro II Seats | Bride Seat Rails | Takata Racing Harness | 4 Point Autopower Roll-cage | Suede Wrapped Armrest And Middle Console | Keyless Start w/JDM Bezel | NX Custom Brackets | NRG Flip-up Hub | Nardi Steering Wheel | NX bottle used for water/meth injection | Taylor Battery re-locator | Suede headliner |  Jp-coachworks Shift and e-brake boot | Suede A,B Pillars | Extended Shifter.

Ian Galvez STi

Cobb Acessport | KillerB White Shift Knob | NRG Short Hub | NRG 2.8 Neochrome Quick Release  | NRG Steering Wheel | Bride Wrapped Interior | Suede Wrapped Interior | AEM Wideband | Glow Shift Air | Pressure Gauge | Hardwood Floor Trunk

Denis Supa STi

GtSpec D-shape steering wheel | Center console wrapped alcantara by JPM Coachworks | P{rova si drive | Perrin reverse collar | Pioneer x940bt | JDM bezel

The Subie Gang would like to send their special thanks and shout-outs to Need Powder CoatingGtSpecRavSpecFresh Meet, SoFresh Apparel,  IAG Performance, Proformance Industries, Gabriels Sports Car, Kaos Design Co,  Scoobies for Boobies and special thanks by Mike to his wife. We all know in the end, support for this way of life goes a long way!

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