Wekfest East 2012 – Part 3 – The Afterparty

Saturday 08 September, 2012 | By Ken

Did you ever walk through a car show, and than later, find yourself staring at photos on the interwebs from that same car show? All while wondering how the heck you missed some of the sickest cars. It happens now and then, with so many things being thrown at you from all angles. So coverage is always a welcome sight. One thing is for sure though.  Seeing those same rides out on the street always give a different outlook, and many times you appreciate the build, the quality and the awesomeness even more.

Wekfest East 2012 was was easily one of the best shows on the East Coast so far this year. Expectations were high, and yet, all those expectations were blown out of the water. Shortly after the show, watching some of the Wekfest show cars roll out, provided a completely different perspective. A collaboration of the rare, some of these rides came from across the country and abroad, rocking some of the rarest setups you will find on the planet. So to have them together for just one night, was one to remember. Enjoy!

Photo Cred: P R A V A N Photography | Kenny Bascon | Norman M. Photography

This SC was breaking necks under the soft light of the sunset.

Hussain Zafar’s MR looking extra green today. More on Hussain’s beautiful ride below.

This static slammed Benz Estate was going all-out, scraping its way around.

Jamin Slaughter’s aggressive Honda Accord coupe that has been making its rounds around the ‘net!

Import Expo/Team Emotion’s NSX was simply incredible. Hailing from the Toronto area of Canada, this NSX street car is a work of art in motion.

These group shots are one of the ages. Some of the sickest EVO’s in the country, gathered together for a nice family shoot.

The right parts, the right setups, and the rarity of it all. This group screams SEX.

Props to Najeeb, Daniel and Ali with their EVO 9 triplets. Repping Queens, New York, these cars drive on the streets, potholes, and wave-roads alike.

Props to EVO X owner’s David Racowski, Michael Braeuner, Raymond Leung, Mark Shotwell, Team Emotion’s EVO X(sorry, but we didn’t catch the owner’s name) and Fernando Roxas with his Lancer Ralliart. Traveling from various parts of the East Coast and all the way from Chicago, these cars aren’t just show queens. They are driven.

SPS Garage‘s Silvia was another amazing ride.

Liberty VIP is always reppin’ HARD.

Becky Accord!!! Talk about GORGEOUS.

Generations of the Toyota MR(2/Spyder). Hussain caught up with these other two MR’s after the show for a few quick shots. Sergey with his brown beauty, drove just way you see her here, all the way from Chicago, and it wasn’t all fun and games for him this weekend. Check out the “unknown story” from behind the scenes on his own blog, HERE.

Our Chi-town friends rolling deep and getting ready for that roll-out home after a marathon weekend

Spotted: Cory’s beautiful S2000…..

…as well as Mickey’s bagged EVO.

Our friend Jan Martin in his STATIC GS. Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen, he was able to make it out of the gas station in one-piece, on his way back to Maryland.

And last, but certainly not least. SPS Garage’s NSX. Neck-breaking, jaw-dropping all day.

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