First Class Fitment 2012 – Sunset Shots

Thursday 01 November, 2012 | By Ken

First Class Fitment always ends with an incredible backdrop for some photos. Combine the on-site location of Princeton Airport, and a lovely Fall sunset that never fails to attend the end-of-the-show, and what you have are some great opportunities. This time around, SNTRL was a vendor at FCF, so between packing up and the timing of sun-down, we had limited time to get our shots in. Nevertheless, we took what we had and made the most of it. Thanks again to the Canibeat Team for putting together an awesome event! Check out some of the highlights and be sure to scroll to the bottom for the full FCF 2012 Sunset gallery.

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Photo: Norman M. Photography  |  Kenny Bascon

The fun started out with the famous, Liberty VIP car club, who came, saw and conquered as they racked up well-deserved trophies.

Chris and Gee’s GS’ from Liberty posing for the camera.

Greg’s beautiful Porsche 996.

That infamous civic and that EVO X. Both of these rides have made their rounds around the ‘net!

Honda’s causing a Ruckus on the airstrip. That RHD ITR is just…WOW.

Becky Accord from Serious Innovations and that RHD ITR once again. Two beautiful ladies.

Two cars that only get better with age.

Two fine examples of VIP Life. Ty’s iconic Lexus GS and Max’s amazing RL.

Will’s SC joins in on the photo fun. We can’t get enough of his coupe!

The 3 Amigos. Ian, Ivan and Denis rockin it out with their STi’s.

And as the sun sets, so does First Class Fitment 2012. See you next year!

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