Formula D Long Beach Paddock Part 2

Thursday 10 April, 2014 | By Edo


Right back into it for part 2 of the Formula D paddock coverage! So I tend to wander off when I am at automotive events. There is just so much going on. If I stay static too long, I have to get moving, much to the annoyance of my buds, sorry fellas! You just never know what might transpire in those few still seconds. That car you wanted a clear shot of might be free of admirers for that one moment (Fatlace FRS below), the person you wanted to see may just be walking by (“The Beard of Courage” above). Snapping a shot of Bill Baldwin was great, he’s awesome. I also just wanted to geek out on some cool cars, which I did plenty of. I had such a great time. I cannot wait to for the next rounds and to return to Long Beach next year. Well, enough chatter, here are the shots (along with some corny one-liners) that I took on Friday and Saturday at the paddock of #FDLB, hope you enjoy the set!


The old Fatlace FRS was looking great under the Cali sunshine! Loved the new wheels.


For those of you with an engine fetish, Formula D is the best place to see some great engine porn. 2 prime examples here! Forrest Wang’s 2JZ and Chris Jeanneret’s 1,000 hp power plant. Looking forward to seeing this in FD Atlanta.



Joon Maeng admiring his machine before the unfortunate crash. Hope they fix this up for the next round!


This was by far one of my favorites. It’s presence is so menacing. I vote for more Chasers in Formula D, who’s with me?




Clean S2000 spotted. Nice attention to detail with the gold bits here and there. Loved the Kranze LXZ’s on this.



This S14. Too good. 2JZ swaps seem to be on the rise lately, which is a good thing. I much prefer these to LS swaps. I must’ve stood next to this car for a total of an hour just admiring the build. One day…




Spotted this EVO over at the AutoCon booth. Another favorite for sure. That Do-Luck kit + TE37RT’s were perfect. Definitely an example of what I’d go for if I owned one of these.



Sick Miata! This car was at the MotorMavens booth on Friday and later moved to the Fatlace booth on Saturday. Wearing the Fatlace AME’s. Not sure the exact model but gotta say, they definitely a great look for this platform.




LTMW brought out this pair of widebody brutes. The BRZ wearing the RocketBunny V2 kit was perfection. Must’ve taken 100 photos of this throughout the weekend.






Spotted this EVOX over in the Rays booth. How good is the Varis Widebody? Perfect design for this car. Big fan of the new Gramlight 57C6 as well.




“Chris Forsberg has gone to the dark side”. I must’ve heard people say this over 10,000 times that weekend, and for good reason. For 2014, the NOS 370z has a sinister appearance thanks to the dry carbon/matte black look. It definitely served him well since he came out on top this weekend winning 1st place.



That wraps up the Paddock, drift action shots up next!

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