Eurothon 2012

Wednesday 06 June, 2012 | By Evan Kaston

Photography: P R A V A N Photography || Dale Acevedo

In the car scene, pushing the envelope is a very important factor while building your ride and like a fingerprint, no two person’s tastes in modifications are specifically alike. Of course enthusiasts can, for example, like the same wheel set ups, but how they use them on their specific car in a specific way comes down to a personal preference and knack for creating a car that screams YOU.

Along with the gorgeous weather, this past Sunday also brought the people the 10th annual Eurothon in FDR State Park in Yorktown Heights, NY. With zero traffic on the Hutch or the Taconic Parkway and clear skies above our heads, there was a lot to look forward to on the way to the event. This was my first time going to the show but I was turned on to it by a friend who has been attending for many years and assured me that it was the perfect Sunday meet; and that’s exactly what it was. With a gorgeous presentation of some of the most impressively stanced cars I have seen all show season, the free food, the perfect weather, and some really good friends all tied together with the proper event organization and management, this was one of the most chill shows that I have been to all year.

The event had its own individual parking lot, and that did a lot for the show because we didn’t bother anyone, and no one bothered us. There were no police break ups this time, no burn outs or loud music coming from every trunk with a system, just a single DJ spinning the right records and a couple of vendors out reppin their label to the fullest.

This was also one of the first shows that I’ve been to that was predominantly Euro. Yes it’s called Eurothon, but that usually doesn’t stop the swarm of JDM cars that tend to show off their good looks as well.

The scenes are so different in their own way. JDM and Euros are like ying and yang; what one has the other doesn’t and they complement each other so well. JDM cars are known for their power and pushing the limits under the hood while the Euros are more for the look and how close they can get to fitting their fender between the lip of the rim and their stretched tire when they air out. Obviously this doesn’t mean that Euros can’t go fast and JDM cars can’t look good, but they frequently tend to stick to the stereotypes which they adhere to.

Another aspect the Euro game brings to the table is a clean and smooth set up, which was properly displayed in the Eurothon VIP section. Most of these cars had shaved bays with full wire tucks showing nothing but the motor and hints of the tranny right underneath it; these weren’t only cars, but works of art. With so many options on what motor to swap in and which factory option to delete for that super clean look, or just a simple tidy up of the engine bay, no two cars were alike. You can see the owner’s personality in his work as an enthusiast and as a person. Each car told a story about a love/hate relationship between man and machine, and the perfect bliss that is produced when the collaboration is finally completed.

The day ended with show winners and prizes and most importantly, newfound friendships. It’s key to enjoy the scene rather than hating on everything that’s a little different than what you’re used to; everyone is in it for the same reason, for the love and the passion that they share towards the vehicles they grew up around. Eurothon promoted this ideology by putting every car that showed up there on display and proved to be a great success for the 10th year in a row. SNTRL fam photographers, Pravan and Dale did work out there bringing you the show through their eyes and giving you a taste of what went down, even if you weren’t there. Keep it locked right here for coverage of your favorite events.

Scroll below for more highlights and be sure to check the full gallery below.

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