Eibach Springs Meet 2012

Wednesday 13 June, 2012 | By Edo

We all know when it comes to Hondas, the east coast rolls deep. We just had a record breaking attendance weekend at Honda Day Atco, and with the 10 year anniversary of Honda Day E-town coming up, you can bet more milestones and good times are on the horizon. Now what about the west coast? When it’s not Japan, the west coast is sometimes known as the part of the country where many look for inspiration in their respective segment of car culture. The Honda scene has been strong there for years and with the recent attendance at the 7th annual Eibach Meet, it seems nothing has changed, in fact, it seems it’s quite the opposite. SNTRL’s long time friend Colin Chu was out there in his immaculate Prelude. Along with captivating the attention of many, he also captured some of the quality builds we’ve come expect from the West Coast in his coverage. This is the first of many posts coming your way from Colin, the newest member Fam reppin’ SNTRL out on the streets Cali! On to the photos…

Rollin’ in hard!

A trio of BB6’s

K powered CR-Z!

24K all day long.

Turbo Rukus anyone?

Shout out to Colin’s Clean BB6!

Which K powered EG do I pick?

Turbo Honda from the factory!

A rare car indeed. A right hand drive Honda City.  Honda’s first factory turbo car.

Words by Edo || Captions by Chris Mallari || Shots by Colin Chu

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