A day in Chi–town

Tuesday 05 August, 2014 | By Edo


So where were we? Ah yes, we had just arrived in Chicago after our 12+ hour drive. Exhausted, but excited to finally be in town, we headed over to our friend Sam’s place to meet Darren and his crazy SNTRL S14. Darren left a day before we did and unfortunately had a bit of an altercation with a deer. The S14 suffered a broken windshield, cracked fender and busted mirror. You should have seen the deer though! (Maybe no…no never mind.). Luckily Darren was able to get it repaired at FIZZ Autosports and was already prepping for Offset Kings. This was also the first time we saw this car with the new paint job. Loved the new look!



Sam’s living room full of parts for the S14. These will find their way into the S14 eventually. #OKCHIPREP!




Ok, so we realized that we were pretty damn hungry at this point. We’re in Chicago, time to get some Pizza! We hit up our local friend Zandro for a recommendation on where to get some of that Chicago style pizza. So he recommends this place, which I forgot the name of, because when we arrived, we realized, they only had regular pizza…the very same pizza we have in NY. Our pizza dreams were shattered, thanks Zandro! -_- Pictured above is Willy. You might know him. He has a really really cool Datsun. He’s also sad about eating regular pizza in Chicago.


Alright, time for some fun, next stop, FIZZ Autosports! This was a great highlight. The original FIZZ Autosports was in Bayside, Queens some years ago. It was always fun going there to see what awesome JDM car was parked up outside and to talk cars. Glad to see this vibe still exists in Chicago, but better! The showroom is just so damn cool. I for one am in love with their Vertex Edge S15. It’s perfect. We were also surprised to see that this is a full body shop as well. Big thanks to Pat and Ming for the grand tour!



So much awesome in one place. All of these cars will no doubt be incredible when done. Take a look at that vehicle behind the RPS13 in the photo above. What is it you say? Well it’s only the most awesome van around right now. This is what it looks like now. Ming is a happy camper. Good times!



Time to explore downtown Chicago and be annoying tourists!






This is what happens when we leave Willy alone for one minute…


Alright, time to hang with our homies! JDMChicago / 4StarSociety crew put together a mini meet for us to hang for a bit and grab some dinner. This was the first time we saw everyone after arriving earlier in the day, so the excitement level was pretty high. It was great to see some of our old friends and make new ones.  They have some sexy ass cars too…



Top Secret everything ^





#Migueling ^






After hanging for a bit and eating some real deep dish pizza for dinner, which was delish, we were going to have a cruise to the city to get a few photos of the crew. Unfortunately, mother nature told us to STFU and go home. Rain poured down pretty hard so we decided to head back to Sam’s place to crash. Once we arrived, we found Darren’s car was ready to go. Prav wasted no time and captured a couple of quick shots in the cold rain.



And just like that, it was morning. I’m pretty sure Prav was a secret agent photographer at some point in his life. He put those skills to good use, silently capturing Darren and his crew getting his car ready to head to the show…




Stay tuned for part 3. Time to get this show on the road!

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