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Holy sh!t Chicago has some incredible cars! Finally it was time for the show to kick off. I must say, this is was of those show’s that left a lasting impression. We spent most of the day doing laps around the show grounds and chatting with lots of the owners of these awesome builds. So enough of my chatter, lets check out the cars!


JDMC / 4 Star Society crew. Always ready for good times!



Kato’s FRS. If you think this car is sick now, wait ’til you see the upgrades! Follow him on IG: @kato1337


What up Pat?!?!


Meet “Trixie”. Pat’s VIP Toyota Matrix. All about the Wagon Lifestyle. Check out the details on the hood in the photo below. Immaculate VIP build.  IG: @wagon_lifestyle



So much style on the Civic above. Just makes me want to take it and cause trouble on the FDR in NYC hehehe.


BN-Sports! Sick!


R34 face STAGEA from our earlier post. I love this wagon. That is all.


Ginash’s NSX. Love how clean this is. If I had an NSX, it might look like this…or some crazy Sorcery kit, haha.



Top or bottom?



This Previa looked familiar. Think it used to live in the east coast but not sure.


Dat squat…





Allen and Pat. Two of Chicago’s OG’s. Thanks for the hospitality!



Darren’s car turning heads all day. Crazy car, crazy owner! Glad it all came together after the incident with the deer we do not speak of…



Hey what’s going on on that hood graphic Darren? Wait, and the shift knob?






I have a soft spot for these oldschool EF sedans. This one had quite a few rare goodies. Sweet build!



Glad to see more Rx8’s popping up.


Couple of awesome Euro examples. IDK a damn thing about Euro cars but I love ’em. That Wagon is straight sexy time.



EVO X from the east coast!


I see that V-Opt decal! Nice approach to a BRZ build. Reminds me of the JGTC version a bit. Love that lip!


It was great catching up with our homie Al. This is as clean is it gets when it comes to an AE86!




OG SNTRL decal spotted!


Purists look away from the top and bottom images. Non purists, do a fist pump for a F20c!



Chicago has some bad ass G35/37’s and Z33’s! Check these out! Look closely…


That swap…







Gene and Christine. I <3 you for being awesome.



Yo itsdaymor! Gotta give a shout out to our homie Kenny Chan. Great friend of SNTRL and owner of the 370Z you’ve seen in most of our photos of this trip. Power couple!



Finishing up this post with a couple of EVO’s you’re already familiar with. Nawshin’s amazing Voltex wide-body EVO and this…



Michael’s sick wide-body Varis EVO X. One of my favorites of all time. Such a clean and aggressive example of an EVO X. Beautiful.


So we’ve come to the end…not really. You may have noticed a couple cars left out from this post. Before you curse me out, please hold. We have a couple more posts coming up that spotlight some of the notable cars at OKCHI. Stay tuned, we will PROCEED shortly…

All photos by SNTRL Fam: PRAVAN Photography

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