Nemo the Nor’Easter

Wednesday 13 February, 2013 | By SNTRL

What do most people do when they hear of a blizzard coming to town? We can think of at least a dozen things the average person does, all which you have probably heard a million times. Go food shopping, buy extra batteries, stay off the roads and in your home, and so on. If you want a detailed list of storm preparation, there are plenty of sites that can help you out with that. Here at SNTRL, snow storms and blizzards mean one thing: GO time! Here are a few selected photos from Nemo the Nor’Easter that struck the Northeast last weekend. It was the first snow storm of 2013 and we thoroughly enjoyed it.

Photos by:  Umali Photography  |  Kenny Bascon  |  Henry Func-tion

“AWD KING” Evo X sitting pretty on those Enkei NTo3’s with all that white stuff.

Our friend Vin is always out enjoying the elements in his slammed Forester. Stay tuned for a full Feature on this true storm trooper.

Our buddy Henry from Func-tion Designs met up with members of S.L.O.W. (Subie Love Of Westchester) for some photo fun.

And of course, the EVO in it’s element.

If you have any storm related photos of your own and would like to submit them for potential posting on, please send a high resolution image (minimum side of 1024 pixels) to “[email protected]”. In the subject, please include which storm and the date. We will be sharing storm photos. For site postings/sharing, do not include a watermark. Please list how you would like your names displayed on the SNTRL watermark. Thank you!

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