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Sunday 24 June, 2012


The Isle of Man TT  – Easily the most BONKERS/BALLS OF TITANIUM race on the face of the planet. Race course is a ring of the small island, in the middle of the Northern Irish Sea. I, myself, have been following the race religiously for the past several years. It never gets old with the…

Tuesday 05 June, 2012

Rooftop Sunset Shots / Forest Hills, NYC

Shot the sunset from the rooftop of my apartment building earlier this evening.. Hit the editing lab in my office with 33 captures. Narrowed it down to 10. These are my 5 faves.

Friday 25 May, 2012

Ferrari 340 Competizione

What you see here is one of the most exquisite design concepts of a 1-off, retrospective rendition Ferrari. This is the Ferrari 340 Competizione. It’s slated to be produced by American design & coach building house, Gullwing America. This is their newest project, and it’s based on the 1952 Ferrari 340 Mexico Berlineta. The 1952…

Friday 27 April, 2012

Gritty NYC : 100YRS AGO

Workers dig in Delancy Street on New York’s Lower East Side in this photo dated July 29, 1908. The historical pictures released online for the first time show New York in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Painters hang from suspended wires on the Brooklyn Bridge October 7, 1914 — 31 years after it…

Monday 16 April, 2012

Adastra Yacht: $30Million

Taking the power trimaran concept further than has ever been attempted before, the launch of the massive 42-meter Adastra heralds a new age in superyachting. The Adastra, unveiled last week in China, is the new pleasure cruiser of Hong Kong-based billionaire businessman Anto Marden, who commissioned its construction five years ago. Designed by Sussex-based yacht…

Saturday 14 April, 2012

Canon EOS-1D C Cinema Camera

Canon has just brought 4K video recording to the world of digital SLR cameras in the shape of the EOS 1D C. The Canon EOS-1D C Cinema Camera was developed to support the broadcast quality TV, motion picture high-resolution production industries, the new EOS family member is based on the core specs of the EOS…