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Fresh Meet Summer Bash
Monday 09 July, 2012

SNTRL at the FRESH MEET Summer Bash!

The meet of the summer is right around the corner. This coming Sunday is the The Fresh Meet Summer Bash! With space for over 2000 cars and countless spectators expected to show, you better believe this is place to be on July 15th! SNTRL’s been a big part of the Fresh Meet since it’s inception….

Street Fighter with a Portal Gun
Saturday 19 May, 2012

Super Street Fighter II with a Portal Gun

This one strictly for my videogame fam. This what happens when you bring a Portal gun into the world of Street Fighter. Bringing this mod to the next Evo tournament for sure, hehe.

Wednesday 18 January, 2012

Street Fighter X Tekken: M. Bison, Jin Kazama, Xiaoyu, and Juri trailer

Ever since I heard the announcement of this title I’ve been sold. I got to play it a bit at the NYC Comic Con and have been itching to rock it again ever since. The latest trailer released by Capcom features 2 of my favorite characters from both old and new generations of Street Fighter,…