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Saturday 20 July, 2013

Look Back: Fresh Meet Summer Bash 2013

The last weekend in June marked the fourth of many more meets to come held by the one and only, Fresh Meet family (along with a few others). If you remember, the first Fresh Meet event was held in two small parking lots along with the dead end street that surrounded it. What made that…

Saturday 29 June, 2013

A Look Back: OC Car Show/FRESH MEET!

We’re getting excited for the Fresh Meet summer bash coming up this weekend! So much so that we wanted to take a look back at the OC Car Show/FRESH MEET OC events that went down a couple weeks ago. As we’ve come to expect from these events, all of the quality builds came out in…

Thursday 11 October, 2012

A Look Back: FRESH MEET Summer Bash 2012

Now that we have traded in our tank-tops for hoodies, our air conditioners for heaters, and our sunscreen for cool-weather jackets, there is no mistaking that Fall is now here. After going through a blisteringly hot summer in the Northeast, the cooler temps are a sigh of relief for many, but if you are like…

Fresh Meet Summer Bash
Monday 09 July, 2012

SNTRL at the FRESH MEET Summer Bash!

The meet of the summer is right around the corner. This coming Sunday is the The Fresh Meet Summer Bash! With space for over 2000 cars and countless spectators expected to show, you better believe this is place to be on July 15th! SNTRL’s been a big part of the Fresh Meet since it’s inception….

Thursday 28 June, 2012

Make Your Own Luck – Mike’s Xb

Ever met someone that  just can never seem to leave well enough alone? That person that takes something perfectly fine and tinkers to death. The question that pops up is, if you can’t leave well enough alone, are you making a positive move forward, or just screwing things up? They are out there, and Mike…

Monday 14 May, 2012

FRESH MEET! Spring 2012

We kicked off the first weekend in May with an event that most of us car enthusiasts have been looking forward to for quite awhile. Fresh Meet started off bright and early on Sunday, May 6th. After raining most of the week, the sun was up early and continued to shine bright throughout the day. All…