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The E30 BMW M3.

An iconic ride that has captured the imagination of millions of car fanatics for over two-and-a-half decades. Whether you have the privilege to own and enjoy your very own E30 M3 or not, it will likely burn a hole through your soul for the rest of your life.

Miro Sutai, owner of this beautiful example you see before you just recently picked up his own pride and joy a few months ago. 100% unmolested in it’s stock form, Miro hit the jackpot and was ready to mold his M3 into a style all his own. A style which is reflected in previously owned rides and customers cars from his famous red JSutai S2000 (which can be seen HERE) to the the various builds he has produced (as seen HERE). As owner of JSutai Automotive Design, Miro and his team specialize in automotive design consultation, fitment, powder-coating and bodywork, among other things, working to, as stated in their own words, “transcend perceived boundaries, creating distinct, trendsetting automotive designs that inspire and create new forms of self-expression.”

Miro wasted no time in getting right to work on his E30. And although the plans have just been set into motion, the dramatic effect is hard not to take note of. Between the JSutai edition BBS wheels, perfectly set BC coilovers with custom spring rates and valving, to the MA Shaw wing with flap and the EVO front splitter, this M3 is a crowd-pleaser wherever it happens to be. This photo shoot was taken during the SNTRL/True Driving “VERSUS” event, in which SNTRL photographer, P R A V A N Photography couldn’t help himself to the beauty in front of him.

For those that had the privilege of experiencing Miro’s latest rendition of his M3 at Tuner-Evolution, you will notice that Miro always keeps his ride fresh and inspiring. Stay tuned as we take a closer look at JSutai and their work in an upcoming shop Feature. In the meantime, savor the awesomeness captured one-fine-summer-afternoon.

1988 BMW M3

Suspension and Wheel Modifications: 

BC coilovers with custom spring rates and valving | Jsutai edition BBS wheels  – 16×8 +23| H&R stud conversation with Muteki lugnuts

Interior Modifications: 

TWM performance short shifter and competition shift knob | Bride seat | Nardi steering wheel

Exterior Modifications: 

MA Shaw wing with flap | Super Sprint full exhaust | Evo front splitter | Jsutai vinyl

Style knows no boundaries.

Miro and imfamous Limitless Promo Bug sharing some good times.

Euro and JDM epicness. A car guy/gal’s dream.

It’s all love.

Photography by SNTRL Fam: P R A V A N Photography

Words by: Kenny Bascon

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