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Wednesday 01 February, 2012 | By Ken

You have likely heard the saying before, “Built Not Bought”, and it has become so common in recent times on the internet and with stickers on cars that it has pretty much become cliche to use. Sadly enough, the over-use is not due to all the high number of quality builds that you may find out there, quite the contrary actually. So when you come across a build like Kevin’s hatch here, the phrase “Built Not Bought” takes on more meaning.

Three years ago, Kevin, at the age of 18, sold his 2000 Honda Civic Si with just 43,000 miles and used the cash on the advice of his father, who had his own shop of 17 years, to open up DNK Auto, in Portchester, New York. Along with his 20 year old brother(at the time) who had also been saving money for a car of his own, they took a step out and sacrificed what most guys just getting out of high school work hard to have, their own ride. Starting a business, taking on the responsibility and the risk for two young guys who were coming from bus-boy jobs to running a shop of their own was no easy task. But they had their father to look to for guidance. Kevin admits, like most new businesses, their 1st year was very hard, but their hard work started to pay off as their clientele grew.

When it was time to find another project, the EK hatch you see before you was the candidate. Black, mint and rust-free and located in California, Kevin jumped on the opportunity to go after his passion once again. From the ground up, the body work, paint job, brake tuck, wire tuck, motor swap, and installation/modification of all the parts was done with blood and sweat by Kevin and his shop. A true build that shows what sacrifice and dedication can bring.

Our photographer, Norman M. caught up with Kevin to get some shots for this feature. Not your typical color/wheel combination, this EK doesn’t scream at you obnoxiously, it just make you take notice right away with the unique color combo and its simple classic lines all around.


From top to bottom, back to front, this EK was built by Kevin and his shop, DNK Auto.

There is just something about BBS RS’s that bring out that classic look. No need for extreme stance or flush fitment. This hatch sits just perfect.

When the build becomes more than just a hobby, and it is integrated into your daily life, it becomes a part of you.

B16 Motor / B16 Transmission / Competition Clutch Stage 2 / Competition Clutch 11lb Flywheel / CTR crank pulley / Benen fuel rail / AEBS Polished Manifold / Password JDM Intake Power Chamber / Skunk 2 Mega R exhaust / Hasport B-series mounts / Blox racing slim fan / braided clutch line / brake line tuck / Blox 5 speed shift knob / Circuit Hero extender / Odyssey Drycell Battery

PCI Race Spec Aluminum floor plate drivers side / PCI Race Spec Aluminum floor plate passenger side / single din radio block off / Bride Digo R / 5 panel panoramic rear view mirror / X bar / 5 point Cam Lock Crow Enterprise Harness / NRG Hub / NRG Quick Release / NRG Lock / Personal Steering Wheel / Si Cluster

SiR front bumper / SiR rear bumper / CTR rear lip / Spoon carbon fiber front lip / SiR headlights / CTR taillights / antenna block plate / Zeal Wing with Tilt brackets / APR mirrors

BBS RS 16×7.5, 16×8.5 / Tires Sunny All-seasons 195/45/16 / D2 coilovers / rear disk conversion / Black Works rear camber kit


Photo Credit: Norman M. Photography

To contact DNK Auto for all your auto/import needs, check out their facebook page here.

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