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Friday 29 November, 2013 | By Evan Kaston

Kenny Swany’s “LowAndGo” STi  –  Words by Evan Kaston  |  Photography by Christopher M. D’Angelo Photography

The constant battle between stance cars and race cars is something that’s going to stick with the car community as long as there are cars. Some people prefer the all show and no go look utilizing camber and tires that are way too skinny for the wide wheel the owner chooses to run. Some people pour all their money into the motor of their vehicle to show up everyone on the street that tries to challenge them and believe that three thousand dollar wheels are just a waste of time. Kenny Swany has decided to take the controversy and mesh them together to make his masterpiece.

Kenny originally owned a 2008 STI before this one but sadly it was short lived because he was driven off the road by another car. During his search for another car, his late STI hatch was constantly in the back of his mind and the thought of it being unfinished haunted him. He ended up finding a deal he couldn’t pass up for a white hatch with some body damage. It had a brand new engine installed by Subaru and the body damage was manageable, so Kenny found his new project.

Kenny’s license plate tells us exactly what his plan was with the car, “lowandgo.” He wanted to build a car to show everyone that a car can be “stanced” and still put power to the ground instead of just doing either or. He spent his money wisely and equally on making the car look aggressive and standing out just the way he likes it as well as making it grumble the way a Subaru should and giving it the go he needs when he wants it.

The first mod in Kenny’s hybrid form and function build was upgrading to a stage two set up and give the car a little life under the hood. He then proceeded to add a little stance in his life and his BC BR Coilovers and Agency Power control-arms were exactly what he needed to fit his work VS-XX (18×10.5 +27) wheels perfectly under his fenders for a perfect functionally low stance. Kenny has had a few sets of wheels since his most recent set up, Rotiform IND’s (19×10 +25/35) but slowly got bored of what he hand and needed a few more pony’s under the hood.

Suby King Motor Sports was waiting for Kenny when he arrived and provided him with the custom rotated set up of his dreams. It was a clean build and produced the power that he wanted and told us that it had the visual appeal under the hood that he was looking for. All in all he was extremely happy with the end result, but got bored again and switched up his wheel set up to the pair of Rotiforms that he’s currently resting on.

This build goes to show that Form and Function can coexist but not just coexist, they can mesh happily and play off one another to build a beautiful vehicle that both sides of the car community can appreciate; stance and speed harmonically in one beautiful machine.


custom SubyKing rotated intake manifold | custom SubyKing rotated turbo setup w/fp HTA green turbo (3″) | port and polished heads | Weisco forged pistons | SubyKing intake | Tial Q BOV | Tial 38mm external wastegate | Hallman manual boost controller | Cobb lightweight crank pulley | Invidia n1 race | Perrin equal length header | Invidia ewg uppipe  | custom Turbo XS front mount intercooler | TGV deletes | Grimmspeed phenolic spacers | GSC stage 1 cams | GSC beehive valve springs | ARP head studs | Five o 1600cc injectors | DW300 fuel pump (double pump coming very soon) | Perrin fuel rails | Aeromotive fuel pressure regulator  | (2) Mishimoto oil catch cans | Gates racing timing belt kit w/ water pump | Comp stage 4 clutch | speed density conversion | tuned for e85


Rotiform ind 19×10 +25/35 | BC BR coilovers | Agency power rear control arms | painted tail lights


AEM AFR gauge | AEM Boost gauge | SMY cluster OEM-appearing dual gauge pod

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