WekFest East 2012 – Part 2 – The Main Event

Thursday 06 September, 2012 | By Evan Kaston

To take a line out of the speech of one of the Wekfest administrators right before he began naming the winners of the Wekeast trophies, “it might sound a little gay, but you’re all winners here today.” A truer line could not have been voiced in prelude to the actual category winners; we saw the best of the best at the first ever Wekeast this past weekend.

A more epic event could not have been set up and build so much hype in the previous three months than what we witnessed from the Wekfest team. Inside the Expo Center in New Jersey, only 45 minutes out of New York City held the dopest and most properly built cars from the east coast. With 300 plus cars traveling out of areas in Virginia to Chicago to Maryland and of course New York and New Jersey, it’s needless to say, everyone brought out their A game this past Sunday.

The best part of this event was the fact that you must be admitted into it in order to show your creation. So, going into it, if you were accepted, you knew that you were going to be amongst and competing against the hardest stanced, aggressively fitted, and impeccably built and meticulously maintained vehicles out there wondering the east coast. Wheels with unheard of negative offsets and fenders with impossible pulls, and step lips that would take you days to walk up were only some of the fitment techniques that were included into the builder’s formula to dial in the perfect stance. Big turbo’s and shaved bays and miniscule little touches like color matched bolts and cleverly hidden lines showed judges and spectators that it’s the attention to detail that plays the biggest part while building a monster. All of these decisions the creator decided to throw into his or her car to make it their own were factors in deciding who had what it takes to win a Wekeast trophy.

Some of the winners were hands down, the best, but some categories were so hard to call, you could hear a pin drop in the room as everyone held their breath in anxious anticipation of who would take home the trophy.

The show was an overall success. From the organization to the location, to the vehicles, to the people, to all that contributed; all of this helped to make the show turn out the way it did and possibly bring it out for another round next year. As for those who did not make it into the actual event with their cars, look at it as a motivational push; your car will always be your first love and just because this year didn’t work out for you doesn’t mean next year won’t. Good luck everyone, and always keep your eye on SNTRL for coverage of your favorite events and shows.

Check out the SNTRL Fam’s full photo coverage provided by:

P R A V A N Photography | Adrian Zielinski | Norman M. Photography | Chris Mallari | Kenny Bascon

Video Coverage (East Side Beast – Tuner Evolution/Wekfest) by: Kenny Cano Films

EastSideBeasts | TunerEvolution-Wekfest | LosGoonies | SNTRL | SoGoodCo from Kenny Cano on Vimeo.

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