Honda Day Atco 2012

Saturday 28 April, 2012 | By Ken

The Honda Nation is stronger than ever. Even after last years sell-out event at Honda Day Atco 2011, a two-day event for 2012 brought the masses out once again, and this time, 5 acres of additional parking could not prevent Honda Day from again selling out early, nor could Mother Nature prevent the Honda lovers and fans from coming together at sunrise Sunday morning in the pouring rain ready to brave the weather and hope for the clouds to part way. Another epic weekend in the books. Beautiful rides, beautiful models, awesome vendors, a great stage-show, hard-core/hard nosed racing and of course extremely passionate fans of all ages enjoying the weekend.

Here are some of the highlights from Honda Day Atco 2012 weekend. For photo coverage of the Honda Day Atco racing click here.  And be sure to check out the full gallery below after checking out some of the highlights.

Photo Credit:  Jonathan Melendez | Al Norris | Chris Mallari | Edwin Reyes | Kenny Bascon

Shout out to Michael McCall for winning Project Honda Day Atco 2012!

Al Norris going to work on Day 1.

The lines at 6:30am Sunday morning were incredible, considering it was pouring rain with no let-up in sight. Forecast called for sun in the afternoon. Thankfully, the sun came out around mid-morning and combined with warm temperatures, the rain dried up pretty quickly.

Rain or not, race prep was underway early on Day 2.

Domo was pretty amped up. 

Komal and his Integra took home a 1st place trophy! Queen’s Finest doing the damn thing!

Luis Domani hatch sitting pretty all day. Stay tuned for more of this minty fresh Honda.

Fans of all ages were enjoying the festivities. This particularly guy just started bustin-a-move.

Tim Grey Racing for the win!

Even Honda CBRs was represented. This little guy had the ladies’ attention all day.

MC Slick was doing his thing as Master of Ceremonies on stage while his coupe was doing its thing parked-up.   

Sharon and Charlie’s Schmidt’d Shuttle looking good as always.

More Shuttle love. <3

EatSleepRace was out killing it with their vendor setup and the fans were out showing love.

This particular fan was showing how he lives. EAT – SLEEP – RACE.

Import DPS booth was packed all weekend.

Shout out to the NYCE1’s camp/vendor booth.

Packed in the show area, packed by the stage and packed by the track.


This 1971 honda Z600…and it’s for sale for a cool $15,000.

Props to our friends, Focal Concepts, from Toronto who drove down again this year with all their race-ready street cars.

Just an incredible restoration by Bakerz East Coast Auto Salon and CHR Performance.

Pow Pow

This Honda Accord rockin Vossen Wheels was turning heads all day.

Pretty bays all day.

Shots fired!!!

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