Eurofest 2012

Tuesday 08 May, 2012 | By Evan Kaston

Eurofest 2012. If I was writing this piece about three or four years ago, it most likely would be nothing like what I’m about to write.
Now that the show season is well under way, with local weekly meets starting to pop up again and having a show to run to every weekend, sometimes even two, I’ve realized that with every event that I have covered so far, they’ve all had one thing in common; diversity. Eurofest originally started off as a BMW event but then as it grew more popular it spread to all of the Euro’s (Audi, Volkswagen, Porsche, Mercedes, Mini, etc.) and then as it grew even more popular, it spread to everything. In today’s generation of car enthusiasts there really isn’t a specific divide between brands. Obviously in most cases there is one brand that you stick by and stay loyal to, for example some enthusiasts are strictly Volkswagen guys and some are strictly Honda dudes, but there isn’t a specific car that these partisans would not like to see done up right. I mean, no one wants to see any rice regardless of what type of cars you’re into but the sheer curiosity of what’s out there, or what the other guy is doing to step his game up even more despite the badge on your hood, attracts so many people from all over the automotive spectrum into one place. This was what everyone witnessed at Eurofest last week.

The quality of cars was definitely much higher than I have seen in the previous shows. European cars have a tendency to focus more on luxury and looks, straight out of the factory, and with the majority of vehicles at the show being from Europe, high class was the name of the game. Pristine exotics such as Ferrari’s and Aston Martin’s paired with M5’s and 6’s, no matter the color, were looked at with green eyes of envy as everyone sifted through the sea of automobiles.

Speaking of high quality, the Japanese cars showed up to give everyone a little taste of what they though the phrase “high quality” really meant. Fully built Evo’s and Sti’s, to name a few, invited the crowd over to see what toys they were hiding under their hoods. Track ready engine set-ups in these already powerful cars proved to the people that just because it was called Eurofest, didn’t mean that the Japs wouldn’t come out to see what’s happening; that’s the beauty of it though. Everyone from all types of groups joined as one to chill out with one another and talk about their next project or upgrade; we couldn’t say this a few years ago.

The Euro’s brought out the class and the luxury to the event and the JDM cars brought power and aggressiveness to the table, but regardless of what side you came with, almost every car in the Met Life Arena parking lot had one thing in common, stance. I feel as though stance is the single aspect of the modifying car world that everyone can relate too. EDM and JDM cars are constantly pushing the limits to go lower and wider than anyone has ever seen while staying true to that hellaflush fitment where the lip of the wheel and your fender meet in true bliss.

Even though it is still very early in the season, this one in particular has proven to be the one with the most culture clash. It really is an amazing thing when everyone can get along and enjoy what we all love, together. There should be no hate for another brand because it isn’t your own, or because they don’t believe in all the same modifications as you do. Appreciate what vendors and sponsors and the areas that hold each event, have done for us to conjugate and celebrate and show off our accomplishments and all the hard work that we put into what we love, our cars.

Check out the photo coverage by SNTRL Fam: Herb Allen aka The Fourth Photography | Chris Mallari | Kenny Bascon

Then be sure to scroll to the bottom for the full gallery.

An amazingly clean and beautiful E30 M3 build. 

An interesting showing of Benz pride here…and we LOVE it. 

AMS Autowerks was breaking necks all day with their line-up.

This guy was big pimpin all day!

One of the many beautiful models at Eurofest. 

Euro power on display. Dyno time all day. 

Mmmmmmmmm so good. 

Lambo Love. 


Turbo MK4 R32’s are just so sexy. 

DJ Pirate on the Ones and Twos.

Drink Sprite.

Not a controversy-free afternoon, this Martino Auto Concept aka MAC and D2 Forged GTR took home Best Exotic honors. Amazing, yes. Best of Exotic at a Euro show…well, we leave that up to the fans to decide.

Vanilla Ice Cream for all the fans.


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