East Coast Honda Meet 2012

Friday 06 July, 2012 | By SNTRL

It was that time of the year once again. When the summer starts heating up, you already know that East Coast Honda Meet (ECHM) is fast approaching. Take the hottest Hondas and Acuras in the East Coast and bring them together on the streets of Virginia. Growing by leaps and bounds each year, ECHM took their event to the Richmond International Raceway. Not one to miss a proper event, SNTRL’s Norman Midence traveled down to Richmond with a crew of Tri-stater’s to partake in the festivities and enjoy the weekend.

In classic Norman M. Photography fashion, Norman went right to work from the moment he hit the road down to Virginia. But thanks to one of the hottest summers in recent times, the weekend turned out to be one that won’t be forgotten anytime soon. A massive heatwave that has engulfed pretty much most of North America, couldn’t stop hundreds of rides from being show-ready-detailed, and neither could the tornado that passed right by the area of ECHM. Sweltering heat, just made the photo coverage that much more special.

Props to Marcus, Ricky and the whole East Coast Honda Meet gang for a well-organized event. Norman was amazed by the amount of people that came to be a part of this years Meet, and how organized and smoothly things went considering that the weather played a big factor this time around. Without further ado, here is Norman’s photo coverage. Enjoy!

B.Orjuela looking sharp with his Si, rolling down to Virginia.

Shout out to Chris Parker and his super-fresh JDM CTR. Special thanks goes out to Chris for opening his home to Norman, Bryan, Kevin DNK and his girl.


Real cars wear pink? This K-series turbo coupe is no laughing matter.

Simply WOW.

Our boy Johnny “Vtec” took the ride down from New York and represented.

Rook Industries was well-represented!

Classic Electron Blue Pearl <3

Our good friend Komal’s Teggy looking beautiful with the new setup. To check out how it looks previously when we featured his Integra, click here.

So much win with the S2000’s at ECHM.

Black is beautiful.

Luis’ RHD civic hatch breaking necks across the roads of the East Coast.

Our good friends at Eat Sleep Race always doing their thing.

Ok, seriously. This CRZ is amazing.

Jess’ Mugen’d EK Hatch looking so pretty.

Catch her and her ride and Ray’s gorgeous S2000 at the FRESH MEET on July 15th at Kean University.

TSX <3 all day.

Rob VRacework’s coupe making a grand appearance at ECHM.


Civic’s weren’t the only thing slammed. Check out this “Honda” badged slammed shopping cart, complete with a fresh paint job.

It’s all about the “right postition”.

“Just add _______”

We never get tired of seeing this beautiful eg hatch.

It’s amazing how many clean rides there were at ECHM.

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A Taste of the East Coast Honda Meet
A Taste of the East Coast Honda Meet

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