A Look Back: Tuner-Evolution

Monday 02 September, 2013 | By SNTRL

A Look-Back: Tuner-Evolution

After being an outdoor show for the previous few years, Tuner-Evolution went back to the roots of what a car show is, and took the big show, indoors. In the process, Tuner-Evolution came to Philadelphia and brought with it, some of the hottest show cars and rides from all over the East Coast and abroad. The Tuner-Evolution show has been a staple of the East Coast import scene for many years, and 2013 proved to be the best one yet.

True to car show roots, Tuner-Evolution’s focus isn’t just on showcasing visually-appealing rides, but rides that are truly well-built from the ground up. Whether it be JDM, Euro or Domestic, it’s all about showing the fans how a proper ride is supposed to be put together. As always, Tuner-Evolution brings a package of entertainment that gives fans more than their money’s worth. The quality of rides is worth more than their weight. Add to that, culture that goes beyond car life. On display was some of the sickest BMX freestyle exhibition and BBoy/BGirl dance battles that really brought the “underground” perspective to the masses. Talent and skill on display are just icing on the cake for the stars of the show, the cars and the people that know exactly what they are doing.

Here is a look-back at Tuner-Evolution Philly 2013, enjoy!

Photography: P R A V A N Photography  |  Kenny Bascon

Tuner-Evolution entertainment at it’s finest.

There was a “Ruckus” going down in the Eat Sleep Race / Speedlounge booth.

Bboys and Bgirls went at it, no holds barred.

These dudes put on an incredible show for much of the afternoon.

That R/C drift life.

Our homies from RavSpec taking care of Fitment award duties. Among one of their awards was this awesome custom table. I won’t lie. I want my own!

Team EMOTION’s show-winning Subaru. THIS is how a build should be. Inside, Outside and all-around epic.

RavSpec’s booth had this immaculate AE86 with that F-series swap.

SNTRL Fam, Evan Kaston going at it in the Scion Racing booth, along with our homie, Sean.

Our buddy Moises from Fueled Mag always in the building.

Just a couple of the ladies of Tuner-Evolution.

MUGEN. Nuff’ Said.

An unfortunate victim in the show that had their hood scratched. To make a long story short, don’t let anyone climb on your car.

EVO’s on Air.

Our good friends from Chicago reppin’ Four Star Society!

Chicago car heads are some of the most dedicated, hard-core enthusiast that you will ever meet!

Thanks for the love and rep!

Such a sick wrap on our homie’s “Poopra”.

JSutai has been making serious noise ever since they hit the scene with their work. They never fail to impress with their custom work.

JDM rides galore.

THAT Rocket Bunny FRS.

It’s a party at Tuner-Evolution.

These guys were going hard. lol

Dark City Racing. So Dope.

Varis and TRA Kyoto hangin’ together with the Scion truck before roll-out.

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