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Friday 22 April, 2011 | By Ken


This shot has us day dreaming of All-Motor low 10 second passes…more than just an awesome car show, Honda Day brought the heat to the asphalt. With the smell of burning rubber, VHT and the sounds of built motors ripping through the air, the quarter-mile Honda game has come a LONG way in recent times. Just take a look at the amount of competition and the results that we are seeing these days. Its refreshing to see a high level of competition in each class that has the fans hungry for more!


Living the BULLIT Life…..






An ARMY of Honda’s ready to battle! 1320 or bust, catch me at the finish line. The competition is serious these days, and the list of competitors grows each year. The older the civics get, the faster they get!



Special Thanks goes to Bryan Orjuela for these money shots at the burnout box.
Check out more of his photo coverage of Honda Day Atco 2011 at his website,




For full race results check out Honda Day’s Blog.

And last but not least, for anyone that did not have the privilege of experiencing the awesome final battle of the K-Tuned All Motor class, check out just how tight the race was. K-Tuned ALL Motor Final – Tim Grey vs Jake Gavio, TGR vs TGR

Shout out to Tim Richards, Andres Torres, and Jared Auslander for this awesome vid. Check them out on their youtube channel, “dubfilms” for the full Honda Day 2011 Drag Racing video as well as other awesome coverage of the race season.

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