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Tuesday 26 June, 2012 | By Evan Kaston

Ever since I was a little kid, even before my first car, I always had a thing for cars. When I purchased my first toy, a mark three two point slow Jetta, the modifying bug bit me and the rest is history. I myself have always been into the VAG scene but always showed appreciation and respect for a properly built car regardless of the make and writing for SNTRL exposes me to all of that.

I had a teacher tell me that the secret to success is starting off in a garage. Bill Gates started off his success story from a garage along with many popular bands and mechanics. Me and a couple of close friends always hung out in my uncles garage, which was down the block from my house, because he never had a car. We would party at night, and work on our cars during the day, learning new things and teaching ourselves how a car runs as we worked. As we got more and more into the scene, we decided to set ourselves apart from everyone else and make a name for ourselves with our uniquely modified cars. Thus, Garagewerks was created.

Nick Monterosso and his bugeye wagon, Sean Marchia and his ap1 S2000, and me with my b6 imola yellow S4 run the upcoming click called Garagewerks. With cars from all over the automotive spectrum, one thing brings us closer together, and it’s the drive to stance harder and go lower than anything out there. One of our main aims with starting up the organization was to bring the community together in the one way we thought was best; throw meets and see what rolling beauties scrape along the streets of New York City.

Last week we came up with the idea to throw our first meet and see what New York had to offer. With the help of The Varsity and L.I. Low and Slow, our plans for an epic meet came through and Garagewerks first Stance meet was a go.

The idea was to bring as many stanced cars out to the top floor of the parking garage (obviously a garage) of the Source Mall in Garden City. With less than a week of planning, we knew we didn’t have much time to make sure this meet was completely secure an no one was going to push us out. At the last minute, the night before, we discovered the abandoned Comp USA building behind the Roosevelt Field Mall. With the perfect low entrances, a sunken lot hidden from all interferences, and a decent amount of spots, the Garagewerks boys found their first meet spot.

The meet started at seven that night, and as usual, we roll up a little late, and to our amazement, the lot was practically full. Throughout the rest of the nightfall, some of the hardest rolling cars pulled into the meet, proving that New York has some serious game. Euro’s, Japs, and even a fair share of American built goodness graced the parking lot that night with their best set ups.

The night ended exactly the way we wanted it to. No disturbance from the police, a full parking lot with quality cars and some new found friendships in the car world; the only world we know. In the future there are more meets and doper cars to look forward to as Garagewerks continues to bring the best-looking cars from all around New York together.

Words by Evan Kaston || Shots by Ken and Prav.

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A home grown boy straight out of Queens, New York, Evan fell in love with the scene at an early age. With a passion for creative writing, he's all about giving the people what they want, the way they want to see it.

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