Level One S2000

Wednesday 23 October, 2013 | By Pravan

If you are a life-long Honda fan, the S2000 is an obvious upgrade at some point in your life; probably right before aspiring to own an NSX. This S2000 is a prime example of what a track-ready weapon should look like. What makes the S2000 so popular is its form as well as its function. With its long nose and impeccable balance, it embodies what a true roadster should entail. For those who have plans to race the car at track events over the weekend or just slam the car for appeal, its a a noteworthy ride destined to be a classic. This rendition that appears in the video is exactly how we’d have our S2000 keeping it all functional maximizing grip while out handling the next car on the track.

Video by BackStage

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