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Wednesday 08 October, 2014

Wallpaper Wednesday: Yellow Fever

This week’s “Wallpaper Wednesday” comes from our SNTRL Fam in Thailand, Eik’s Shot, who captured this beautiful DC2 US Spec Integra Type R. A true “street weapon style” ride, this DC2R is powered by a B16/B20 and sitting just perfect on this Volk Racing TE37’s. Download your Hi-Resolution (1920×1200) photo by right-clicking and “SAVE AS”,…

Monday 03 March, 2014

Boyza Thailand’s 5th Anniversary

Check out a couple of awesome photos from SNTRL’s “Eik Shot” over in Thailand while he attended Boyza Thailand’s 5th Anniversary event. “ALL VTEC LOVER” “Double Lemon Lime”

Sunday 03 March, 2013

Another RWB video?!
Yep, Thailand Part 2

Earlier this week I had a friendly argument with a friend about Porsches and RWB. He said RWB is “played out.” Gasp! Now hold on a minute…there are a lot of things in the car game that are in the played out category and should never, ever, return to see the light of day. Lambo…