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Wednesday 27 November, 2013

Shots from D1GP Tokyo Drift Odaiba

We’re back with another installment from our international SNTRL Fam STREETMETAL! Following up the slammed society fuji speedway coverage, Bank has now made his way to an event that’s still on my bucket list, D1GP Tokyo Drift in Odaiba! When it comes to drifting, one cannot think of the sport without thinking of D1GP, the…

Orido FT86 By Rob Shaw
Saturday 21 April, 2012

D1GP Odaiba

It’s a badly kept secret that I am a huge fan of D1GP and pro Japanese drifting in general. Even after Dai-Chan and Tsuchiya left to start The Drift Muscle, I’ve still been keeping watch of the awesome cars and drivers of the D1GP. This year I had plans to travel to Japan to chill,…