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Thursday 29 March, 2012

Link’s JK

Based on a poll of about 10 random individuals who were available for questioning at the time, when you read the title of this Feature, one will probably wonder who “Link” is, and more importantly, what is his/her “joke (JK)” about. Well, let’s get right to the point and clarify it all for you, so…

Wednesday 28 March, 2012

Jeep Mighty FC Concept

The Jeep Mighty FC Concept digs up the Forward Control truck idea from the company’s days under Willy’s. This monster started off as a two-door Wrangler in December, now it’s been chopped up, lengthened, lifted, and totally re-imagined. The cabin’s nose was lopped off, the back of the Wrangler pickup kit encloses the rear, and…