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Saturday 22 November, 2014

SEMA 2014 Part 1

SEMA 2014 – Part 1 Photography by Edwin Reyes  |  Patrick Manzon Photography  |  Al Norris Photography  |  Kenny Bascon Photography Early November for many car enthusiast, is synonymous with excitement, a healthy dose of anxiousness and the ultimate form of intrigue. All eyes converge to one place. The Las Vegas Convention Center, home for…

Saturday 25 October, 2014

First Class Fitment 2014 Part 2

Part 2: Bigger and Better Now in it’s fifth year, First Class Fitment 2014 was the biggest and best yet. More event space meant more vendors, more great DJ’s and more of the finest examples of properly executed rides sporting aggressive wheel fitment. Enthusiast from all walks of the automotive community showcased incredible builds from different makes and models.. This…

Friday 12 October, 2012

Roan’s FD3S

Photos by: Zandro Zafra/Zandbox Photo What you’re staring at here is a vehicle that doesn’t take the term, “fast” very lightly. Nor does it take the word “street car” for granted. Many times, people throw those three words around so loosely, that its easy to lose sight of what they can truly represent when used…

Thursday 30 August, 2012


FD RX7 packing an LS1 with a nice shot vs an ’03 Cobra with some laughing gas and doing push-ups through the quarter. Video Cred: IAMTaiBoogie

Saturday 11 August, 2012


Monday 30 July, 2012

Streets on Fire

Here’s some shots from the burnout show between an LS’d FD and an MR2. No run went down. There are a few more shots that didn’t go up yet, but may go up in the BULLIT section soon enough. In the meantime, check out the mean burnout show that FD put on.