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Thursday 29 September, 2011

123Klan X Ecko Ultd: The Exhibit

The crew the needs no introduction, 123Klan back at it. 123Klan X Ecko Ultd at the Under Pressure street culture event. Here we see Scien and Klor (and family) putting their incredible talent to work. Over 2 days, they put these pieces together. “Mr Boom” and “Klor” instantly transform another mundane delivery truck into a…

Tuesday 07 December, 2010


123KLAN have been on top of their game as of late. Sick collabs with other artists, new site design, awesome BANDITI$M products and more. As you know, we’re big supporters of anything and everything 123KLAN. The flow is just so proper. Here’s their latest cut with SCIEN & KLOR, ISHAM, and ZEK. Follow 123KLAN on…

Friday 15 October, 2010

What Up Jay Graffiti Jam

I’ve been a huge fan of 123KLAN for years. I first found them while looking up the latest work by Cope2 a few years ago. They’ve been my fav artists ever since. They recently posted up this vid on the BANDIT-I$M blog. A new What up Jay? installment featuring the Bronx artists COPE2, INDIE, and WANE. Along…