Vintage Gear Addicts: The North Face shoot – Washington Sq.

Monday 22 April, 2013 | By Pravan

Before The North Face (TNF) was bought up and commercialized by Vanity Fair and made into every lazy college student’s preferred class attire, it was meant for real nature extremists. These adrenaline junkies climbed Kichatna, hiked Inyo National Forest, and kayaked Lake Tahoe. Thus rightfully so, TNF named the bags and clothing after these notable obstacles.

Below: Big thanks to Comeske-Lo LOLIFE CM AYAK RFC for helping complete the writing piece.

If you grew up in NYC during the 90’s, you are bound to know the term “racking” or “boosting”. For those who are unfamiliar, look it up on urban dictionary. Racking became a hobby and what was racked were high priced TNF gear or Ralph Lauren Polo from large stores. This was a urban phenomena that took profit margins away from big named stores such as Macy’s, Nordstrom, Paragon Sporting Goods, and the landmark Tent and Trails. Most importantly, these faces were as common as the NYC hiphop environment, graf, block parties, bboy and beat sessions. What started as a community built on stealing, the Lo and TNF community has become something that crossed the lines of race, culture, age, gender, religion, social status, touching adults of all walks of life.

A few weeks ago Tminus NYC caught wind of a meet of Vintage Gear Addicts (those who still trade classic TNF pieces). I could not resist covering this subculture that I personally know so well. Although it may not be understood outside of NYC, I was a great time seeing these OGs with their vibrant pieces.

Photos by P R A V A N | Photography and TMINUS NYC Photography

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