The PreGame – Part 2

Tuesday 15 October, 2013 | By Ken


Photography by Erica Lee aka Wild Legacy Photography  |  Sam Sherriff  |  Cedric Melbourne Photography  |  P R A V A N Photography   |  Kenny Bascon

The SNTRL x Wekfest PreGame Part 1 coverage had us starting out in Harlem where the early part of the night was a meet at the famous, VRaceworks Harlem Meet location. Once we had chilled for a little while, everyone was briefed and given a map of the cruise directions and checkpoints. It was time to hit the road on the annual cruise through Manhattan. Night fall came as we proceeded on our way downtown on a nice moderately slow drive on the Henry Hudson Parkway, also known as the West Side Highway. Infamous and famous for varies reasons, on this night, it was all about relaxing, hanging with friends/fellow car enthusiast and getting some cool photos of a night in the NYC.

As you all may know, New York City is known by many names, one of which is “the city that never sleeps”. It doesn’t matter what time it may be, there’s always something interesting going down. In particular would be Times Square, the “Crossroads of the World”. We work to incorporate Times Square for a variety of reasons. Last year, when our friends from Chicago came to the East Coast for WekEast, it was an opportunity to experience one of New York City’s fine attractions. Chris Umali, one of the SNTRL’s own Fam, has been hosting his well-know and wildly popular, “Umali Manhattan Halal Meet” for quite sometime. The meet starts out at the Halal Guys, “Chicken and Rice” stand at 53rd street and 6th Avenue, and then cruises down 7th Avenue, right through the heart of Times Square. In honor of Umali’s Meet, we incorporated that aspect into The PreGame last year. This year, due to construction on 7th Avenue, we had to make some minor adjustments, and fore-go the Halal Guys checkpoint.

Although everyone participating in The PreGame cruise is here for all the eye-candy, there is no denying the fact that all the “extra-curricular” activities during the WekEast PreGaming is what makes things so much more entertaining.

CAKE CAKE CAKE. It’s all about the rides in the PreGame.

Mr.Grim, Umali and Pravan runnin’ the block.

SNTRL Fam, TMinus NYC shining the path to Broadway.

Our homies Ruckin’ the streets of Manhattan.

Photographer, Matthew Jones doing his thing!

Our boy Sean reppin’ his crew, Garagewerks to the fullest.

Even Elmo had to get all up in The PreGame.

Our buddy EJ looking right at home on the streets of New York.

Hmmmmmm. LOL

Darren and his Rocket Bunny are hungry.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work out as we planned to a “T”.  We plan thoroughly, including several dry-runs before the actual event, but in some instances, there are simply certain things that are out of our control. In this case, the NYPD decided to setup several checkpoints in and around Times Square, targeting those with no front plate and other “visual” inspections for registration and inspection violations. As you can see, our big homie, #Teknice took it in stride.

Rally cars invading 42nd Street.

Unfortunately, Nawshin was also caught up in the NYPD “crackdown”.

Rob VraceWorks also got caught up in the checkpoint, but fortunately, he was able to get out of a summons.

This guy in his three-wheel motorcycle, was breaking his necks while he had Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” music video blasting. He too fell victim to the NYPD crackdown.

The peoples at Beast Coast!

Can’t hold us down!! We chillin’.

Kemal in his “big-body” Aristo.

Peter cruisin’ by in the EVO.

This was the scene for much of the night in Times Square. Good times for all the car heads, photographers, tourists, and everyone in-between including the cowgirls and “puertorican angel”.

Another victim of the “crackdown”.

Our homie Joe and his STi in the center of it all.

The PreGame is everyone! Shoutout to Ali for enjoying the meet and cruise with his family!

Its “Da Mayor” himself! Kenny Chan in the building.

Stay tuned for Part 3 of SNTRL X Wekfest PreGame’s coverage as we head out of Times Square and onto the next checkpoint. To be continued…..

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