Sneakercon NYC 2014 – Cash is King

Thursday 01 January, 2015 | By Pravan


So Christmas has now come and gone and for many of us we got many things we wished to get. For many sneaker connoisseurs, Christmas came early when many attended Sneakercon a few weeks ago. You maybe questioning why I’m calling these people connoisseurs and not the ubiquitous “sneakerhead” and that is because of the knowledge base that these enthusiasts possess. Many of these enthusiasts were able to get sneakers that have eluded them while others were able to unload, freeing up funds to acquire more pieces. While some collections may be humble, others contain many holy grails within the sneaker community including the Air Mag which I was hoping to see.

For the past few years, Sneakercon has grown tremendously, becoming the definitive face-to-face marketplace for sneaker connoisseurs. Sneakercon has reached many major cities in the U.S., including Miami, D.C., Atlanta, Chicago, and Dallas. What is most amazing about the event is the ability to bring together people who love sneakers while actively producing and reproducing sneaker culture. Suburban-privilege meets hood-rich on the main floor of the event. Walking through the event, literally every sneaker could be sold or bought during the day. Seeing kids and adults with a sneaker in the air could only mean on things; its for sale.

If you grew up in the 90’s, Penny needs no introduction. I was a great opportunity for signing from one of the most notable icons basketball.


Streetwear Icon, Jeff Staple was also on-hand.


Just a handful of the heat that was being traded.






















What was most compelling part of Sneakercon was how participants dressed. For many, clothing was merely used a compliment to the heat on their feet.















Here are are some intimate portraits.

















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