Electric Daisy Carnival 2014

Tuesday 24 June, 2014 | By Pravan


Regardless of where EDC takes place, if you attend, you are allowed to be just a little bit weird. Wear that bright clothing you’ve saved for weeks and just lose yourself in the beats. While monotonous to some, the songs that are played at EDC have shared meaning. Continuously for two days you are addicted to electronic dance music with varying degrees of beats and drops. Think of “music festival” and EDC fits perfectly into the mold with its youthful enthusiastic crowd, energetic rhythm and beautiful people.

This year, EDC was held at the Metlife Arena, not at the previous Citifield and that’s honestly for the better. Unfortunately, Saturday was dampened with rain but Sunday was beautiful. Follow me as I captured people living in the moment!
































































Daisy <3 Hope everyone enjoys their summer!

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