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Wednesday 25 January, 2012 | By Dale

January is a busy month when it comes to fashion. It seems like everyone in the fashion industry comes together to show off their latest pieces for the upcoming Fall/Winter 2012 season. Whether it’s a full blown runway show in Florence and Milan or its a trade show here in New York, this is a very exciting time. We get to see the newest trends, the latest fabrics, and most importantly, the creativity of each designer. I recently had the honor of attending (Capsule) New York, right here on the lower west side of Manhattan. As this being my first fashion event, I didn’t know what to expect. But with wild anticipation and a camera I entered, and was blown away. The setting and atmosphere was perfect for buyers and sellers to strike a deal. To be honest at first I was overwhelming with all of the great companies and designers all under one roof.

Over all I did like where many companies were taking their designs for F/W 2012. The introduction of new fabrics in blazers and jackets is what caught my eye the most. I am seeing a lot more companies making products right here in the USA, which I would love to see more of. “Camo is still king”! I can tell you that camouflage is not going anywhere. I saw everything from ties to jackets to shoes to formal shirts, all sporting a camo print. Accessories like socks, wrist wear, scarves, ties, and gloves are still huge movers in mens fashion, so I loved seeing what boundaries were pushed by designers in that category. I have a huge soft spot for all things footwear, and (Capsule) sure did deliver on supplying a huge amount of companies. Footwear from all styles, including, Diemme, Eastland, H by Hudson, Palladium, Red Wing and many, many more. I loved what I saw and can’t wait for these F/W pieces to release. It was also a treat to see the infamous Nick Wooster in person. That is a man with effortless style.

I enjoyed the event tremendously, and took some shots of the items that stood out the most. I’ll start out with one of my favorite’s from the show. Monitaly is really stepping there game up in every aspect. Just take a look at the fabrics and designs of their ties and bags. These are must have’s for any guys wardrobe.

Diemme is also a personal favorite. They bring a very classic look to the winter boot. One shoe that stood out was this grey wool boot with a wingtip in brown leather. A classic boot with a twist.

Caputo & Co. is a company I am really growing fond of. Simple designs and great reversible bracelets. I don’t know if the U-bend with leather trap is a bracelet included but it definitely is a interesting piece.

Lumisac by VAGX is a great idea for those traveling on foot and bike at night. The blue bar on the bottom blinks to make yourself visible. Great to have a good looking backpack that adds safety.

Uniform Wares is slowly becoming one of my favorite watch brands. Every watch in their line has a beautiful, simple design that will go with any outfit you put together. On top of that the price points for each series is perfect. Not cheap, but not expensive at all. My favorite was the white face with the red leather strap. Another must-have.

These boots from Vanishing Elephant were easily my favorite of the day. The colorway and sole combinations were to die for. One pair of each please!

Cliff Belts was a company I learned about during (Capsule). A very good looking collection of belts handmade out of cork. I don’t see why these braided cork belts shouldn’t be in every guys dresser by the end of the year.

This is the “Down Shirt” from Crescent Down Works. I really love the “down” fitted jackets that many companies are releasing. But this down shirt is seriously good looking. This is a must have in my personal closet for the fall/winter of 2012.

Going back to favorite shoes, coming in a close second this pair of Clarks x Velour Desert Mali collaboration is a classic win. The patchwork upper and nubuck leather make for a pair of boots that will go with anything.

Eastland is another great company that has been around for a while. They carry so many staple boots and shoes it’s hard to ignore. With classic leather and sole colorways, these shoes made in Maine have captured what consumers will want in Fall/Winter 2012.

Wood Wood is a company that seems to be getting popular by the season. They have great colorways, fabrics and designs for F/W ’12. My personal favorites were the camouflage bags and knitted beanies.

My last company standout for (Capsule) is Miansai. I believe that Miansai is going to explode in popularity this year. I could honestly say that I would wear every single bracelet they are putting out. Amazing colors, patterns, and materials. They have wrist wear for 2012 down to a science.

The two hours I used walking around this trade show was like taking a stroll through heaven. I am very happy with what I saw and I can not wait for the 2012 Spring/Summer show. Until next time…A special thanks to everyone at (Capsule) for hosting a great event.

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