Speed Garage, Thailand

Monday 25 February, 2013 | By Pravan

Mention Thailand and most of us think of sun-filled vacations by the beach, exotics foods or even deviant behavior. Its not often that motorsports and automobiles are ever associated with Thailand but the world has only recently seen the passion many Thais have for the classic Japanese cars. This passion we all have is ultimately universal shared by many across different cultural, socioeconomic and age ranges. Watching the video not only reinforces this notion but it also gives us hope that passion for car life will continue. Being ethnically Thai, I’m happy my parents’ motherland are making moves for all to see. Although his English isn’t perfect, we can easily understand what he means. Admittedly, I’ve met many great people through my love of cars and odds are that you have as well. Like many of us who have a passion for cars, the garage is our sanctuary and the car becomes a medium of self-expression, a centerpiece for life or an anchor to many other interests. An appreciation for new cars will undoubtedly continue but vintage cars with characteristics all their own takes great effort to maintain. As our personal lives continue I certainly hope that my bond with cars continue.

“I stole his car for driving in the street when I was eight”…doesn’t that sound familiar?

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