SNTRL Goes To The Bonneville Salt Flats!

Wednesday 10 October, 2012 | By TMINUS


For the second installation of TMINUS NYC and I’s adventure, we couldn’t think of a better place to go to other than The Bonneville Salt Flats, to see the 2012 World Speed Records. On our vehicular trek from the southernmost point of Utah, to the northernmost point on the verge of the Nevada border, there was a 115 mile straight, right to the salted flats themselves.  Scattered to the right and left of Interstate 80, the scenery featured a large number of salt deposits, were reason alone for TMINUS NYC and I to pull over and shoot photos every 15 miles. Hard to make good time as photographers with such incredible views available steadily.

The Salt Flats; Setting speed records here is unique, there are no “0-60” trials nor records. Because the salt is slick, maintaining traction is a major concern of every racer. Cars start slower than many expect, but they make their way up to some staggeringly extraordinary speeds. There is plenty of room for these specially modified cars and motorcycles to reach their full potential. There are three tracks that are set up for each event. There is two big events that happen here; World Speed Records and Speed Week. The shortest track is a 5-mile course and the long course runs 7 miles. There are hundreds of classes that participate, from motorcycles to streamliners to cars practically driven off the lot. The 49cc motorcycles have records set at under 100 mph while the high powered streamliners reach speeds of 500-600+ miles per hour.  For a car enthusiast, it’s a dream come true to come to the Bonneville Salt Flats, as it’s so rich in race history. TMINUS NYC and I were very fortunate to be afforded the opportunity to visit and spend our afternoon doing what we do best, meeting and speaking with like minded aficionados from all walks of life and locales around the globe. Inspiration came from a 70 year old man that was racing his custom motorcycle with a BMW race suit on. He was having a hard time walking, but when he got on that motorcycle,  it was like he was 30 years younger. My eyes were especially drawn to a large number of motorcycles in a particular area of the event at the World Speed records. Seeing bikes on the street normally melts a specific part in my heart, but seeing them in their natural environment showed me a side that I’ve always wanted to see.

We got into the spirit of the energy surrounding us and we drove out, away from the  tracks, into the slightly flooded areas of the Salt Flats and TMINUS NYC and I indulged in a little high speed drifting and numerous donuts/figure 8’s in the ’13 Dodge Hemi Charger. Phenomenal day and experience. We can both cross another item off of our bucket list, and I can’t wait to see what’s next!

Words & Pictures: A collaborative effort between Shiva A. & TMINUS NYC

BONUS VIDEO!! **TMINUS NYC’s standstill burnout in a Salt Lake City car wash!**

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