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This FG is one of those particular cars that makes you look twice. The first glance is usually one of surprise. The second glance is for that confirmation that you just saw what you thought you saw. Neck breaking at its best. For many car enthusiast of this generation, the Honda brand has become a staple with car culture. Many love it, some hate it. Either way, everyone seems to have a strong opinion for Hondas, and in particular, the Civic. It’s not hard to find well-done modded EG’s and EK’s, along with older EF’s and newer body 4-doors. But for some reason or another, the FG coupe, done right, just isn’t as common. A few come to mind, that stuck out, in terms of quality build, but they are definitely not something you see often. So when we first laid our eyes on Reaz’s Si, a closer look was in order.

What exactly is a SLUMPED you may ask? Quite simply put, it’s Reaz’s way of describing his ride, thanks to it’s slammed nature. Static and rolling on the streets of Queens, New York, this FG is one that gets plenty of attention. Sitting on those classic BBS RS just takes this Fiji Blue Si up another notch or two. Honda tends to do good things with their color choices more often then not, and they did it again with their Fiji Blue Si. For all those that remember when the Electron Blue Pearl blue came out on the 1999/2000 EM1 Honda Civic Si, it matched the  allure of the “Sport Injection” badge and to this day, it still makes many Si fans get weak at the knees. Well, Honda did it again with the Fiji Blue Pearl. It just seems fitting that a Civic with an “Si” badge have that one distinctive color that matches up just right.

Reaz picked up his 2008 Fiji Blue Pearl Civic Si, brand new on February 14th. Yep, Valentine’s Day. So its no surprise that you can see the amount of love he has poured into his FG build to get it just right. This Si was his second one. The first one became a victim to a BMW losing control and totaling it. So the inspiration to get this build to what he envisioned was strong. Some people talk the talk. Reaz isn’t one of those guys. Building it, than keeping it this clean and fresh is a testament to knowing how-to drive a static slammed vehicle, especially in the NYC, but it’s also a display of the love that goes into this ride. Simple, sexy and sitting just right is always a winning combination. We appreciate true street-driven cars, and Reaz’s Si fits right into this category  Ever heard the phrase, “you talk it, we live it?” This applies here. After all, that’s what SNTRL is all about. More than just a hobby, Reaz lives his passion.

This Feature came together thanks to photographer, E D P H O T O S doing what he does! After a few shots from an earlier photo-shoot caught our eye, Ed went ahead and shot SLUMPED exclusively for SNTRL. A photographer who has been making noise on the web for some of his recent work, he is just constantly going hard at his craft. This is his first official shoot, and we look forward to working with him again. Ed would like to send special thanks to Chris aka C3photography, Joshua at Shoot It! Magazine, Reaz for the opportunity to shoot SLUMPED as well as his wife for all the support she has given him.

Be sure to check out E D P H O T O S on Facebook. You can also catch the adventures of Reaz and SLUMPED via Instagram at @KingJaffyy.


Mugen oil cap  |  Injen short ram intake  |  Vibrant header  |  Vibrant exhaust  |  Corsport short shifter  |  Hondata Flashpro  |  Etuned


Wink 5 panel mirror  |  Skunk 2 shift knob  |  Bride low max Vios iii seats  |  red door panels  |  red H steering wheel overlay  |  Takata 5 point harness


2009 front end conversion  |  Shaved trunk  |  Full HFP lip kit  |  Fog lights  |  Red tail light overlays  |  JDM Emblems front &back  |  6000k headlights  |  3000k fog brake light  |  Custom 3rd brake light from Mugen RR  |  JDM side-markers  |  Windshield wipers delete

Wheels/ Suspension

Fully polished BBS RS 17×9 +19  with gold bolts  |  Buddy Club N+ coilovers  |  Gold Lug nuts  |  Green Beaks bar  |  Skunk2 camber arms rear  |  camber sliders rear  |  Camber bolts in front

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