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Friday 17 May, 2013 | By Ken

These days, it’s a much more common to see female car enthusiast thanks to exposure on social media and the internet. Inspirational individuals whose passion is displayed in the builds and actions they call their own. We see it in the drifting world, with drifters like Kerry Ann De La Cruz, in the drag racing world with female drag racers like Loan Nguyen and in the car show realm with die-hards like Chané Pham and her VIP life, as featured here on SNTRL.  It’s a world that is getting more familiar as we all find ourselves connecting to others much more easily than may have been possible in past years.

This particular Feature comes from Tampa, Florida, known for some awesome roads, the Buccaneers and of course, that beautiful Florida sunshine. Tampa is also home to Shané Suarez and her 2011 Honda Civic Si. Only less than a year into her first project build, she has already displayed the type of execution that is noteworthy. There is something to be said for enthusiast that knows what they are doing when they go ahead and decide to modify their ride. Putting together a proper ride takes trial-and-error, and more often than not, it requires being surrounded by the type of people that can offer the right guidance. Shané falls into that category as evidenced by the photos you see before you. SNTRL photographer, E D P H O T O S caught up with Shané recently to capture her work in it’s present form.

Clean, simple and yet aggressive. Beautiful and not over- done. She attributes her build to knowing what she wants, doing the homework necessary and to the advice and insight from her brother, Xavier. Although she has only been working on her Si since June of 2012, she is happy with where she is now with her ride and optimistic with the direction that she has planned out.

Shané knew from the time she first picked up her Si coupe, that she wanted it to sit just right. In order to do this, her focus, first and foremost was on suspension. Buddy Club coilovers and Skunk 2 camber arms took care of that. Adding a HFP Lip kit was a nice subtle touch that added aggressiveness without over-stating the smooth factory lines.

The Skunk 2 70mm exhaust and Beaks bar rounds out the view from the rear.

Rocking those pink shoes offers a nice contrast to the factory “Taffeta White”. Pink metallic with a polished lip to be exact. The CCW wheels are 18×9 +20 all around, wrapped in 215/40/18 tires.

Shané’s Civic Si has proven to be a neck breaker on the streets and has inspired her fair share of individuals on the interwebs. For her though, it’s all about being about that life. That car life which turns into more than just a hobby. And as most of us know. The work never ends. She has more planned out. Stay tuned.

Photography by: E D P H O T O S



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