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Wednesday 01 May, 2013 | By STREETS

The day of the shoot it was beautiful outside. Perfect weather for the new season. I have enjoyed watching this car being built and as soon as the build was complete, my good friend Mario Rosasco, owner of this BMW E36 called me and said lets do the damn thing! It’s a very unique build that not too many people have seen. Mario kept it pretty well hidden during the last two to three years. While everyone was attending car meets, Mario was working on his pride and joy.

Now before you start thinking this is just some bagged out 3 series, read the rest of the article, and you will find out this is not something that simple.  From the built and swapped-motor to the hand stitched VIP interior. A mixture of VIP/fitment and performance collide to form something a little different.

Check out his exhaust tips sticking out 12inches!

Mario is a bit of a party fan so the super stars you will see around the car fits his personality.

This car parked looks amazing and the sounds are so much more incredible. For some of you BMW/German heads out there, you would know what I am talking about if I told you this car’s heart was swapped with a M50 sporting vanos technology, high compressed pistons, seals and forged rods to go along with a stage 3 F1 racing clutch, short ram K&N filter, ESI performance chip, Active Autowerke exhaust system, Carbon fiber Valve cover, Racing Dynamics front strut bar. Not to mention the whole engine bay was degreased and painted in gold pearl.

The body was wrapped in Avery Pearl white vinyl. Front and rear bumper painted in Pearl White. Front AC Schnitzer carbon fiber lip, Carbon Fiber CSL Trunk wing, custom license plate carbon trim and carbon fiber diffuser. The OEM trunk was removed and the trunk from an e46 was cut and modified to fit on the e36. Headlights where opened and painted gold pearl as well, and sealed with glass instead of the old original plastic. As for the fog lights the original plastic lens was replaced with glass. For the crazy aggressive stance, front XXR shoes were added 18×9+25 | 205/40, Rear XXR 18×10.5+25 | 235/35 with Hankook Tires mounted. The XXR wheel color accents the greatly, completing the color combo on Gold Pearl wheels. Sitting on Airtekk’s complete air-ride suspension.

As I said before, this build is beautiful both inside and out. Inside features Mario’s hand stitched VIP style door panels and seats, Euro m3 steering wheel, Airtekk suspension switches. The trunk was also modified along with a creative Japanese style. Mario’s custom setup consist of a stainless steel tank and dual mini compressor’s with 2 x 12 Visonik Subs and amps at 1500 RMS and that Anime sticker for a personal touch.

Oh and yes this car is daily driven!

Words and Photography by: Tyrone Roberts aka STREETS Photography.

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